Dr Hew Len and the story that made Ho’Oponopono famous

Dr Hew Len and the story that made Ho’Oponopono famous

Dr Hew Len
From 1984 to 1987 Dr. Hew Len worked as a psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital in the psychiatric ward where heavily disturbed, criminal patients were living (serious crimes committed by psychopaths, schizophrenics, psychotics, …). When Dr. Hew Len began working there, the atmosphere was anything but pleasant. The patients were very aggressive (daily attacks between patients). Most patients were therefore put in seclusion. Many others were shackled. Absenteeism and staff turnover was immens; the ward was chronically understaffed. Staff walked through the halls with their backs against the walls, affraid of being attacked. The plants wouldn’t stay alive and the buildings were in decay (paint peeling off, the pipes were clogged and regularly the plumbing or heating wasn’t working properly). The patients were so intractable that no activity could be offered. The relatives of the patients were almost never coming to visit them. In short: it was a place of hell on earth.
Dr Hew Len worked half time at the department. Unlike his predecessors he did not participate in multi-disciplinary consultation, he didn’t see patients in his office, he took no part in meetings. Most of the time he sat alone at his desk and read through the files of the patients. The rest of his time, he ambled around the ward, felt at ease, joked a little, talked to people in his own and easygoing way and enjoyed his time there. And all that time he practiced the ancient Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono in the back of his head.
Gradually the atmosphere in the department started to improve. There was more lightness, more joy, more peace, …
Just a few months after his arrival at the department everything changed dramaticaly: no more shackles, nor more seclusion and people were allowed to leave to go to work or attend outdoor activities.The absenteeism of the staff decreased gradually and the even became overstaffed … Several employees became interested in wath Dr Hew Len was doing and joined him.
The following months and years the building was refreshed, activities were organized for the patients (first indoors, later outdoors too), more and more families came to visit and patients took an active part in their process of reintegration into society.
When Dr. Hew Len in 1987 left the department, the department was closed due to few patients. All patients had left the department. Most appeared to be cured and retook their place in society. A few of them were referred to another department because they were not yet ready to be released. There was even at least one patient who has chosen to take full responsibility for his crime. He chose to no longer hide behind psychiatric diagnoses, but to admit guilt and express sincere regret to his victims.

Source: http://jugo.be/hooponopono/?p=39&lang=en


Ho ‘oponopono made simple

This is a long post about Ho ‘oponopono but well worth reading.

In a nutshell it is all about forgiveness. It’s about bringing all of those irritating and nutty people you meet and have problems with into a place of forgiveness for all their messed-up ways. Because, in Polynesian cultures, many believe that one’s so-called errors and the subsequent guilt can cause illness. The way to counter the illness is to confess the error. One who fails to confess dies. You have to step up and take responsibility and confess and after that comes atonement.

A heartfelt request for forgiveness is made. It goes something like:
I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you

Once you have made the confession and apology is made, the illness loses its power.
And therein lies the healing. Ho’oponopono is all about healing.
The transgressor, a.k.a. the bad boss, bad guy, family jerk, ex boyfriend, etc is healed.

When you put out a good vibe out there, you have the power to heal. Your self, your family, the people who surrounds you and your world. And it’s your job on this planet to put out a good vibe. You can’t throw a dinner party (your life!) and just sit in the corner and then expect everyone else to bring you the dinner (happiness)!
So forget who is to blame and who was wrong. Just do it and do it for YOU (and the other person) and you will start to feel better.


By Joe Vitale

“Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person’s illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

“When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t logical, so I dismissed the story.

“However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho ‘oponopono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn’t let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more. I had always understood “total responsibility” to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it’s out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that ay. We’re responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does–but that’s wrong.

“The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist. He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous.

Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit.

“Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.

“‘After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,’ he told me. ‘Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.’ I was in awe.’Not only that,’ he went on, ‘but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.’

“This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: ‘What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?’

‘I was simply healing the part of me that created them,’ he said. I didn’t understand. Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life- simply because it is in your life–is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.

“Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life. This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy or anything you experience and don’t like–is up for you to heal. They don’t exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you.

“I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho ‘oponopono means loving yourself.

“If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone, even a mentally ill criminal you do it by healing you.

“I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients’ files?

“‘I just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ over and over again,’ he explained.

“That’s it?

“That’s it.

“Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

“Let me give you a quick example of how this works: one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message.

“This time, I decided to try Dr. Len’s method. I kept silently saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you,’ I didn’t say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance.

“Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn’t take any outward action to get that apology. I didn’t even write him back. Yet, by saying ‘I love you,’ I somehow healed within me what was creating him.

“I later attended a ho ‘oponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He’s now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive.

He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book’s vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve.

“‘What about the books that are already sold and out there?’ I asked.

“‘They aren’t out there,’ he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. ‘They are still in you.’ In short, there is no out there. It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves.

“Suffice It to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there’s only one place to look: inside you. When you look, do it with love.”

Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len
This “miracle story” goes around the world for many years. Dr Hew Len gives courses and workshops about Ho’Oponopono.
Together with Joe Vitale Dr. Hew Len published the book “zero limits”.


The negative people around us

Right now it seems like me and my brother are the only one with positive things going on in our life. My friends and family seem to be lost in a negative downward going spiral and it is terrible to listen to.
So how do you stop it from affecting you and taking it away from your flow?
Well I am trying to learn this because I love being in my happy sparkly state of mind. 🙂
When people start talking bad about themselves and refuses to stop I just say: “Well if you say so”. Nobody likes to having people agree with them when they are down talking themselves..
I limit the time I am around people I know are negative even on the phone. I am one of those  persons who always seeks for solutions So that means that I can listen for a while but if the person likes it in their miserable place and don’t want to take action then there is little I can do and I refuse to sit next to them in that little dark hole they are in.
When people go on and on about how miserable they are then I try to say: “Ok, I know what you don’t want but now tell me what you do want!” I then try to keep them talking because it takes them out of the downward spiral.

I wear some amethyst jewelry because they say that it is protecting you from negative energy. I don’t read the newspaper on a daily basis nor watch the news. There are to many bad things going on. I have told my brother to inform me about the important news and that is enough.

I am not active in any save the animal groups anymore because I feel that I only see more and more bad instead of seeing some improvement. And I can see that in my friend as well who is highly active in saving animals, she started out slowly and now she is swamped and it is sucking the energy out of her. I help in different ways.

I was told that I have Fibromyalgia and when I was living in Sweden I was trying to fight for my right and for the system to believe in this disease. I was active in various groups but
the only thing it made me was more ill and definitely more depressed. The energy in these groups dragged me down.Since I moved here I stopped with all of it and I live almost like a normal person.

Cleaning/Ho’pponopono (link further down)
I clean…. As often as I can… I am seeing it as erasing all the bad emotions inside of me.
I repeat this until I feel good inside of me. When I meet a negative person I say these words inside of me. This is what I say:
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you

I also use guided meditations to help me recharge. And I do it before I sleep so I will have a nice mind while I am sleeping.
But the one thing that helps me the most is laughter.. Laughing so I cry and there are not many people who can make me do that but my brother is one of them because he is just as twisted as me. lol

I hope there is something above that will help you and if you have any good advice, or tips then please feel free to share it in the comment box.
If you are curious about  Hopponopono click here 

Zoom Zoom 🙂

A nazar/evil eye tree

Work manifestation II

I thought I should give you a little update. I went to the interview, I was a bit nervous but I had already decided in my mind that I would get the job. And I did! Actually they asked me if I could consider working there. 🙂 And here in Turkey we only work 7 months a year but they were planning ahead and talked about next year as well! So it was quite interesting and surprising. I left the shop with a smile because not only was the man I talked with very handsome and extremely nice I also think he is single and fitting my Mc Dreamy wishlist perfectly and he made me exited about the work itself. So who knows maybe this will be a like a kinder egg manifestation, 3 in 1 manifestations! Love, money and a totally new career. That would be awesome! 😀

Well since I will be working in a very expensive shop I need to dress nicely so that means a whole new wardrobe. Coming from a low income family I am used to second hand clothing so I was thinking how nice it would be if I could get hold of some second hand  classy clothes in size 14-16. Well guess what…
A person I have never met but have interacted with on FB said that she had some classy clothes and shoes that she never used in my size and she will send them to me, from another country! She started a Tinha box. How sweet of her! 🙂
And then I thought hey lets put out an ad on one of the buy/sell groups on FB as well and almost instantly a woman said hey I have 2 skirts that would be perfect for you.. 5 Euro for both! Talk about being in sync with the universe and I love it! It feels amazing. Now I want to buy some shirts and a black and a grey skirt plus my friends electric scooter for 800 TL and not start paying it until I have started to work. 🙂

My life is truly splenderific! I can really feel that the Universe is on my side.
I feel really, really happy! 🙂 Thank you Cosmos/Universe
Photo courtesy of pareeerica

Appreciating the now.

  • I want an iPhone!
  • I want to have and drive a Mercedes.
  • I want a perfect partner!
  • It is cold!

So many of us always want what we don’t have and we forget to appreciate the things/persons we already have in our lives and we put focus on the negative aspects of things. But maybe we should stop and just appreciate what we have here and now. After all if we don’t appreciate the things we have then we are not in our flow and will not get what we want..

  • Yes I want and iPhone but my Blackberry is very nice and it works perfectly until I get my new iPhone.
  • My Nissan Micra is a very good and reliable car that takes me wherever I want to go until I get my Mercedes.
  • Well that guy/woman is quite nice and maybe a good friendship will come out of this.
  • Yes it is cold but the sun is shining.

Try to find things to appreciate everyday and it will take us closer to our goal because we will be in sync with the LOA. There is always something to be grateful about.
And this goes for the persons in our lifes as well…
If we focus on what the other person is doing wrong that will only lead us to more “wrongs”, more disappointments and a bad mood. That takes us away from our flow.Try to focus on what they actually do good and let them know that we see and appreciate it and then we will get more “good” and be more happy. That is after all what we all want 🙂

Work manifestation

I was working in a hospital, in the emergency and I greeted people when they came in and helped them with their insurance questions and paperwork. I LOVE that job, it is very stressful but I came to work with a smile on the lips, the patients loves me, the doctors likes me and most of my colleagues likes me. I love the feeling I get, when a kid who came in crying because he/she got a cut on their chin, comes and hugs me or brings me a drawing even though I was the mean woman who made them lay still while the doctor sew them back together. It is priceless. Or how I can give people some support or relief in a difficult situation. It gives me such a satisfaction and it is like I am filling up a love tank inside of me. Of course I get to work with difficult people as well but once you figure them out they are quite nice as well while some a just miserable little f****rs and all you can do is to wish them good luck and wave them goodbye with a smile.
What can I say, I just like making people feel better.

But this season I am considering a change of career not only because of the money. It is actually most for the lack of appreciation from my closest colleagues and their negativity. They hate the patients and they hate being in the hospital and they dislike everyone who isn’t like them, it is like a venom they are spreading and even though I know this and mentally tried to prepare myself I can not stand against it. They can not stand my energy and that I am happy so there it is really draining.

As the season is coming closer I started to feel resentment towards working there. I feel a bit guilty for even considering another job because I know that they are counting on me but why should I put myself through all of this and struggle in the winter because of the low salary? I can’t come up with a good reason to why I should, because I am the most important person I have to consider. I will miss my good colleagues and my patients but it is a job and I spend so many hours at work,  10-14 hours, 6 days a week so it is important for me to try to be as happy as possible.

So I decided that I wanted to feel better and find a better job with nicer energy. But I want a reliable job so I started to think about working in one of the bigger shops in my town. I thought about it, I thought about it some more ant then one day I decided to do a facebook search on the shop name and one person came up as a suggestion. So I gathered my courage and wrote a short and polite PM asking how I could go about applying for job at that place. And guess what… That happened to be the owner and they are looking for someone who speaks my languages! So I have a meeting there at Tuesday at 11.00! I just have to decide which job to choose. 😉 This new job will be very helpful in keeping me in my abundance flow because it is kind of an exclusive shop. (It would also bring me closer to my beloved black iPhone 4S 32 gb :)) So you see it is possible to manifest what you want!

Change is good

People seems to hate changes, I don’t like big changes in the beginning but then when it is a fact I adapt to it and get exited about it except for when it  concerns computers and technical things, then I am excited from the beginning. 🙂 I mean most change is good, it brings us forward and we get to learn something new! We should be excited, because when we learn something new we are moving forward instead of being stuck in the same track. And that is a good thing.

Like the new timeline on Facebook. People have been wining and complaining for months about it? Why? facebook is right to do what they do, they are bringing their product closer to the goal they have for it. Good for them! If people don’t like it then they can close their account, nobody is forcing people to be there. Besides what good did all the complaining do? Absolutely nothing. So the people spent all this time and energy for nothing. What a waste! (You get what you put your energy into to…. Congratulations to your timeline! :P)
I don’t love all the things about the timeline but it looks good and it forces me to figure out things like the new settings and how to solve things. So that means that I am learning something new and using my beautiful brain.

So what you can do the next time you are facing a change is to try and see if there isn’t a tiny possibility that it can lead to something good in the end. Come on live a little and take a step out your comfort zone.What do you have to loose?:)