Ask + Believe = Receive?

If you have seen or read The Secret or Esther Hicks book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires  then you know that for things to manifest into your life you have to let go of the HOW and just simply put your wish out there, believe in it and then simply wait for it to show up.

There is nothing simple about that if you are a perfectionist and a over thinker like me. I have no problem letting go of the HOW things will manifest into my life.. But I do have a problem with HOW I ASK. Everyone is different and all of the statements below are correct. You just have to find the one that resonates with you the best. You have a few choices and the key is to choose the one you believe in, you can feel it is the reality and feels true to you.

  • Affirmations
    I call them is statements, “I am so slim, fit and I look fabulous.” This can be hard if you are overweight and feeling miserable about yourself.
    (My brain always tells me: Naaaa you are a fluffy little liar! Hahaha)
  • Afformations
    This is for us who have a problem with the statements above. Apparently when you ask yourself a question the brain is trying to come up with answers and doesn’t have time to take apart the statement. Why am I so slim, fit and look fabulous?” Now the brain is starting to come up with answers and are saying, Yes why are you slim, fit and fabulous? (see I figured out how to outsmart my brain)
  • Wishing
    “I wish that I am slim, fit and that I look fabulous.” For me this one doesn’t work. It is a wish and it will be stay a wish in my thinking. But it doesn’t mean that it is not right for you.
  • Want
    “I want to be slim, fit and look fabulous.” I think this is the one that works the best for me. It is a simple and clear statement. I want it and I have no doubt about it.
    Most of my manifestations has come when I have used this statement.
  • Can
    “I can see myself slim, fit and looking fabulous.” Well if you can see it in your mind you can have it in your life. See it and believe it.
  • Could
    “If I could be slim, fit and look fabulous I would be happy.” This is the one I like the least because there is an if in front of it. My spontaneous reaction is well who is stopping you from being that? The world is our oyster so go and get it tiger.  But again if this one works for you please continue doing it.
That was the asking part. And maybe there are more ways to ask that I haven’t stumbled upon yet. What to remember is to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Because for some strange reason LOA just jumps over the negative word and gives you exactly what you don’t want since that is what you focus on. I will give you and example.
  • This is what you say: “I don’t want more unexpected bills”
  • This is what LOA hears: “I want more unexpected bills.”  and since they are so kind and give you everything you ask or well you will get more bills.
  • “I want to have enough money to pay all my bills” is turning your first sentence into a positive sentence and voilà your focus is now positive.

So the Universe just called me and told me that they have an offer this week and they give each of you 3 wishes right now and they just want to know what  you would like to have in your life? 😉



2 thoughts on “Ask + Believe = Receive?

  1. I love this post. I especially like the note about afformations – I had never thought of framing my ask as a question. Usually the format I use is somewhere between the “Want” format and the “Affirmation” format. My inner critic keeps me from believing affirmations if they aren’t actually true at the present moment, but I like the strength and confidence that affirmations seem to carry. So I end up saying something like “I plan to be self-employed” or “I will be a life coach/executive coach.”

    I also agree with your commentary on the “Could” format. I think that the if-blah-blah-then-I-will-be-happy is dangerous because it internalizes a belief that one’s happiness is dependent on something, as opposed to uncovering the happiness that already exists within ourselves. The thing I do like about the “Can”/”Could” formats (minus the “if”) is that they seem to carry the lightness of possibility, which is always fun to play with. =)

    • Thank you 🙂 Isn’t it awesome how one thing can be negative for me and positive for you?
      I like afformations a lot. I totally agree with you on the “if I could” part. It keeps you where you are in my opinion.
      It is always fun to play around with positive thoughts. (=

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