Getting back into the right state of mind.

Sometimes things happens that gets us off balance and that is ok. What is important is to get back up in the saddle. I am one of those persons who can’t let go and goes over it in my mind, over and over again. It is really hard for me to break the pattern but my will and determination is stronger than anything else. I am still trying to master my feelings but I thought I would share with you a few things I do and one thing I learned yesterday from SARK. Never heard of SARK before so I am actually exploring planet SARK right now. 🙂 Ok so this is what I do when I am low / sad / angry / hurt.

I allow myself to be sad.
I am sad for a little while, I cry a little to let it out. I might listen to music that feels appropriate at the moment.

I do something to stop it.
I follow SARKS advice: “Set your fears on fire! Write them down and burn them up. This is a process of liberating and separating you from your fears” So I write my fears down, ALL of them and I am completely honest about it and then I reread the list and then I burn it up and say to myself: Ok we are done now.

I start my quest
I have learned that laughter helps so I start my quest for laughter. I might ask for help from my friends by saying: “Hey I feel like crap do you have any good jokes / Youtube videos / songs you can share that will cheer me up?” Bill Engvall and Jeff Dunham and some Swedish comedians always cracks me up. And then I might start to put on some good dance music just to get out of my own misery because I can not be miserable when I listen to Guru Josh’s Infinity for example. And if it is the weekend I try to go out dancing and enjoy myself. Here you have to find what makes you feel good and adjust it so it fits you. Maybe fishing, golf etc.

I Fake it until I make it
Don’t get me wrong, the bad thoughts and feelings are still showing their ugly faces once in a while but I just say: “Hi, yes I saw that you stopped by now go away!” So I try to laugh and smile as much as possible and I try to find cute and funny things on facebook and give positive comments. Fake it until you make it really works for me.

But when you lay in bed before you sleep then it can be hard. What I will say now might be hard for some of you and you can read more about it here. But it is to forgive the
&#(@¤#&”¤ that hurt you… So I take some time to do Ho’oponopono.
It is basically to see the person in front of you and say:

    • I am sorry
    • I love you
    • Please forgive me
    • Thank you

But you have to MEAN it! Repeat it until it starts to feel better inside of you. This is you taking the responsibility of the situation to make both you and them feel better. Don’t think about that they did/where wrong. We will get to this in a later post. Just do it! This is about YOU and how to make YOU feel better. Ok have you done it? Great! 🙂

My Sweet Dreams
If you are anything like me you think way to much when you sleep as well so thats when I put on my Kelly Howells Awakening Kundalini guided mediation. You are not supposed to fall asleep with it on but I use it as my goodnight story. It stops me from thinking negative thoughts just before I fall asleep.

Good Morning Sunshine
And when I wake up in the morning I start with the hopponnoppo directly and then I turn on the good music immediately and I start my quest to find more positive things. And I also try to smile towards people I meat and say nice things. And appreciate the sunshine by example or that nice coffee I had on my break. And it works!

So these are the things that works for me and hopefully someone out there might get helped by this. Now I will go out and enjoy the wonderful sunshine and feel the how it’s heat on my cheeks.
What do you do when you feel low? Please feel free to share. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Getting back into the right state of mind.

  1. This is really helpful! I will try your method the next time I’m feeling in a funk. I, too, am someone who has a hard time letting go and lets things spiral in my mind until it becomes firmly entrenched in my psyche. A book that really helped me overcome some of my mind-habits was “Quiet Your Mind” by John Selby. I found it randomly in a used bookstore a couple years ago, and it has truly changed me ever since. I wrote up a summary of the key concepts in the book on my other blog, here:

    I find the “De-Beliefing” process especially helpful for getting to a place where I can let go and forgive.

    btw, I am loving your blog. Keep at it, and be well! 🙂

    • Oh I am glad that you found this helpful. I totally understand what you mean and it is very hard to overcome. Thank you for the the book advice, I will see if I can find it as an e-book. 🙂

  2. Hi there again! I just wanted to let you know about an event coming up tomorrow. SARK will be interviewed by Sage Levine as part of a telesummit series called “Women On Purpose.” The interview will be streamed on Tuesday, Feb 28 Pacific Standard Time, but the interview will also be available for replay for the 72 hours afterward. Check it all out here:
    For the live stream-
    For the replay-

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