Appreciating the now.

  • I want an iPhone!
  • I want to have and drive a Mercedes.
  • I want a perfect partner!
  • It is cold!

So many of us always want what we don’t have and we forget to appreciate the things/persons we already have in our lives and we put focus on the negative aspects of things. But maybe we should stop and just appreciate what we have here and now. After all if we don’t appreciate the things we have then we are not in our flow and will not get what we want..

  • Yes I want and iPhone but my Blackberry is very nice and it works perfectly until I get my new iPhone.
  • My Nissan Micra is a very good and reliable car that takes me wherever I want to go until I get my Mercedes.
  • Well that guy/woman is quite nice and maybe a good friendship will come out of this.
  • Yes it is cold but the sun is shining.

Try to find things to appreciate everyday and it will take us closer to our goal because we will be in sync with the LOA. There is always something to be grateful about.
And this goes for the persons in our lifes as well…
If we focus on what the other person is doing wrong that will only lead us to more “wrongs”, more disappointments and a bad mood. That takes us away from our flow.Try to focus on what they actually do good and let them know that we see and appreciate it and then we will get more “good” and be more happy. That is after all what we all want 🙂


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