Change is good

People seems to hate changes, I don’t like big changes in the beginning but then when it is a fact I adapt to it and get exited about it except for when it  concerns computers and technical things, then I am excited from the beginning. 🙂 I mean most change is good, it brings us forward and we get to learn something new! We should be excited, because when we learn something new we are moving forward instead of being stuck in the same track. And that is a good thing.

Like the new timeline on Facebook. People have been wining and complaining for months about it? Why? facebook is right to do what they do, they are bringing their product closer to the goal they have for it. Good for them! If people don’t like it then they can close their account, nobody is forcing people to be there. Besides what good did all the complaining do? Absolutely nothing. So the people spent all this time and energy for nothing. What a waste! (You get what you put your energy into to…. Congratulations to your timeline! :P)
I don’t love all the things about the timeline but it looks good and it forces me to figure out things like the new settings and how to solve things. So that means that I am learning something new and using my beautiful brain.

So what you can do the next time you are facing a change is to try and see if there isn’t a tiny possibility that it can lead to something good in the end. Come on live a little and take a step out your comfort zone.What do you have to loose?:)


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