Work manifestation

I was working in a hospital, in the emergency and I greeted people when they came in and helped them with their insurance questions and paperwork. I LOVE that job, it is very stressful but I came to work with a smile on the lips, the patients loves me, the doctors likes me and most of my colleagues likes me. I love the feeling I get, when a kid who came in crying because he/she got a cut on their chin, comes and hugs me or brings me a drawing even though I was the mean woman who made them lay still while the doctor sew them back together. It is priceless. Or how I can give people some support or relief in a difficult situation. It gives me such a satisfaction and it is like I am filling up a love tank inside of me. Of course I get to work with difficult people as well but once you figure them out they are quite nice as well while some a just miserable little f****rs and all you can do is to wish them good luck and wave them goodbye with a smile.
What can I say, I just like making people feel better.

But this season I am considering a change of career not only because of the money. It is actually most for the lack of appreciation from my closest colleagues and their negativity. They hate the patients and they hate being in the hospital and they dislike everyone who isn’t like them, it is like a venom they are spreading and even though I know this and mentally tried to prepare myself I can not stand against it. They can not stand my energy and that I am happy so there it is really draining.

As the season is coming closer I started to feel resentment towards working there. I feel a bit guilty for even considering another job because I know that they are counting on me but why should I put myself through all of this and struggle in the winter because of the low salary? I can’t come up with a good reason to why I should, because I am the most important person I have to consider. I will miss my good colleagues and my patients but it is a job and I spend so many hours at work,  10-14 hours, 6 days a week so it is important for me to try to be as happy as possible.

So I decided that I wanted to feel better and find a better job with nicer energy. But I want a reliable job so I started to think about working in one of the bigger shops in my town. I thought about it, I thought about it some more ant then one day I decided to do a facebook search on the shop name and one person came up as a suggestion. So I gathered my courage and wrote a short and polite PM asking how I could go about applying for job at that place. And guess what… That happened to be the owner and they are looking for someone who speaks my languages! So I have a meeting there at Tuesday at 11.00! I just have to decide which job to choose. 😉 This new job will be very helpful in keeping me in my abundance flow because it is kind of an exclusive shop. (It would also bring me closer to my beloved black iPhone 4S 32 gb :)) So you see it is possible to manifest what you want!


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