The negative people around us

Right now it seems like me and my brother are the only one with positive things going on in our life. My friends and family seem to be lost in a negative downward going spiral and it is terrible to listen to.
So how do you stop it from affecting you and taking it away from your flow?
Well I am trying to learn this because I love being in my happy sparkly state of mind. 🙂
When people start talking bad about themselves and refuses to stop I just say: “Well if you say so”. Nobody likes to having people agree with them when they are down talking themselves..
I limit the time I am around people I know are negative even on the phone. I am one of those  persons who always seeks for solutions So that means that I can listen for a while but if the person likes it in their miserable place and don’t want to take action then there is little I can do and I refuse to sit next to them in that little dark hole they are in.
When people go on and on about how miserable they are then I try to say: “Ok, I know what you don’t want but now tell me what you do want!” I then try to keep them talking because it takes them out of the downward spiral.

I wear some amethyst jewelry because they say that it is protecting you from negative energy. I don’t read the newspaper on a daily basis nor watch the news. There are to many bad things going on. I have told my brother to inform me about the important news and that is enough.

I am not active in any save the animal groups anymore because I feel that I only see more and more bad instead of seeing some improvement. And I can see that in my friend as well who is highly active in saving animals, she started out slowly and now she is swamped and it is sucking the energy out of her. I help in different ways.

I was told that I have Fibromyalgia and when I was living in Sweden I was trying to fight for my right and for the system to believe in this disease. I was active in various groups but
the only thing it made me was more ill and definitely more depressed. The energy in these groups dragged me down.Since I moved here I stopped with all of it and I live almost like a normal person.

Cleaning/Ho’pponopono (link further down)
I clean…. As often as I can… I am seeing it as erasing all the bad emotions inside of me.
I repeat this until I feel good inside of me. When I meet a negative person I say these words inside of me. This is what I say:
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you

I also use guided meditations to help me recharge. And I do it before I sleep so I will have a nice mind while I am sleeping.
But the one thing that helps me the most is laughter.. Laughing so I cry and there are not many people who can make me do that but my brother is one of them because he is just as twisted as me. lol

I hope there is something above that will help you and if you have any good advice, or tips then please feel free to share it in the comment box.
If you are curious about  Hopponopono click here 

Zoom Zoom 🙂

A nazar/evil eye tree


2 thoughts on “The negative people around us

  1. Bra skrivet. Men tänk på att även jag har vita peroder från nyhets bruset, för det är bara negativa sajer som skall rapporteras.

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