Panic attacks and anxiety..

Are you one of those persons who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety? Well then maybe this post can give you some help. I can get it sometimes when it becomes to much and then one single thing or comment can put me in that state and it makes you feel so helpless. Saturday and Sunday I was having it quite bad and the only thing that helped was to talk with family and friends who made me think about something totally different and who made me laugh. I also use Bach’s 5 flower rescue remedy it helps me tremendously and I also discovered something called TAT acupressure it helped as well. This is the video clip I watched. 

But the thing that really helped me was to do something I love and had forgotten how much I love it. Animal rescue.
By a coincidence one girl wrote on fb that she was going out to catch some cats and as soon as I saw it my hands wrote by themselves asking her if she needed any help. And she did so we where out in the middle of the night catching cats in the rain and do you know what? It felt good and I could let my worries go. 

And knowing that I am making a difference and at least a few small kittens will be saved from a short horrible life makes me feel so much better. 🙂

What do you do to feel better? 


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