Martinha Magdalena? Not for easily offended people.

The Sacred Prostitute, The whore of Babylon Mary Magdalene /Maria Magdalena..
You have all heard about that woman who hooked up with Jesus and hanged out with him and his friends. They where apparently like husband and wife but when the relationship ended because of the man (of course..) in this case Jesus went and died. I personally think that it was a bit stupid of him leaving her to deal with the mess but I recognize the situation. Well anyway, guess what, she has returned and she has returned as: Tada ME!
At least if you shall believe the stories going around here. (Yes I do know that it is an Islamic country but there must be some poor woman in their book as well who shares the same fate as me and Mary.)  I will never seize to amaze over the stories people can come up with and for every time it is told it becomes worse! And it is all because of jealousy.

The women are jealous because I am liberated. I love my life. I HAVE a life besides cooking and watching soaps. I can go where I want, I don’t have to obey anyone. I don’t need a man to provide for me so I can choose to be with whomever I want. I can marry for love if I so wish. I enjoy my life and cherish my freedom and I like to have sex with my boyfriend. Of course they would never admit it because I am just bad to the bone. But when I think about it, the biggest sluts are the ones who is gossiping about me because in the end, they are the ones who is sleeping with someone they don’t love and gets paid for it. Oooops!!

The men around here are pissed off because I like sex.. Just not with them! So if I find someone I do like to have a relationship with then I am a slut and if I refuse to have it with them then I am a slut because of that! So I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. So these poor little men who marries simply because it is convenient ends up with a woman they don’t love, who just wants their money and they have to seek up a real prostitute or get a girlfriend on the side and provide for her as well….. Way to go Sherlock….. And you look down on me for loving my boyfriend (when I have one) and really appreciate the time I spend with him? I see the green eyed monster here… Get real and get a grip of yourself!

Well anyway a good friend told me a really good quote.
What other people thinks of me is not my business! If it brings you happiness then please be my guest. I will give you that one. 

So what is the point with this story? Well don’t be so fast to judge someone if you are living in a small town. Just because someone is nice, happy and smiling it doesn’t mean that she is sleeping with all the men in town even though they might want to. Don’t be scared of her, learn from her and maybe you will be happy too!

So what am I guilty of? Well I am guilty of having male friends in an Islamic country. I am guilty of loving to go dancing where women normally don’t go outside so I have to go with my male friends and I am guilty of loving to be happy and smiling and I am guilty of being different and walk on my own path. And since I am from Sweden and mixed with Brazilian blood it means that I flirt naturally but it stays with that. After all everyone knows how uptight and stiff Swedish people are. But if I would choose to share my bed with someone, it is my business and not anyone else’s!

I am me, I like being me and I will continue with being me and do what is right for me.
Nothing people say about me will change that. I am different and then people always talks. I am used to it and I forgive you for being narrow minded and not knowing better. And let the one without sin throw the first stone….. 😛

Note to self: You chose’d the wrong carreer girl, damn, those married bitches have some nice houses and nice cars and they are not even nice!! 😛

This post is dedicated to Mary of Magdalene and my friend Marina who said I just had to blog about this because it made her laugh.



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