Plastic bags in Africa.

I was on Skype with my best and closest friend today. We were discussing our plan to live on a sailing boat and as usual he made me laugh with his comments. I said to him that there was no way I am living on a boat in Sweden.
You should have seen the face he pulled and then he says: – NO WAY!!
He said: -People are talking about that we need to have change of seasons to be happy but that is not true! Look at the people in Africa! It is hot there all the time and they are happy and having fun. Just give them a plastic bag and they become really happy.
This is where I lost it. I started to laugh so much that my stomach was hurting.
Then he says: – Just look at the people here in Sweden! If you give them a plastic bag they just look at you and ask you what the heck is that?! So we are not staying here we are sailing the boat to The Caribbean!

Bless him he is so funny and he knows how to turn a rainy day around.
So I guess we are looking for a place where they are happy with plastic bags and plays football with coconuts 🙂 Simple happy life LOL

I can live anywhere as long as I have my internet and a comfortable bed. Haven’t told him yet that we will be having two cats with us though.. 😛  Ah well…

Home Sweet Home


2 thoughts on “Plastic bags in Africa.

  1. I’m not joking.
    Give a baseball cap as a sunscreen
    A 0.5-pet bottle that you can undertake to use to draw water with, and there are people on this earth who are thrilled for the help they have received.
    If you help someone here in the West, Provides clothing, caps, hats, pens, lunch box to work, you will get. Where’s dinner?

    • You are absolutely right! But the way you say it is just so funny without even knowing it! 🙂 You just make me laugh all the time. I vote for Barbados, the people there are nice.

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