Update and Qigong

I totally forgot about this blog until my friend Marina asked if I couldn’t start writing again so I said I would. I don’t know why I stopped, I like writing. Now I am sitting at work writing from my BlackBerry so let’s see how it goes.

So what has happened since the last time.. I finished the season, had to have an discectomy and then I started working again but winter hours. Now I am on springhours and a little bit later I will be on the normal hours. I stopped with all tablets, I only take vitamins and my antihistamines in the evening so I can sleep.

I gained a lot of weight partly due to the cortisone, my love for cheesecake and not moving so much but I am a bit limited when it comes to exercize. I started with belly dancing but it doesn’t feel so fun when you are big. So I am thinking that I will start with Qigong. I think it can help my whole body back to the optimal state and help me with my sleep and my foot drop. Then after that I can deal with the weight. 🙂

There is this guy Lee Holden, he seem quite food and he has these kind of short programs that would be perfect for me when I am working full time. I am gonna give it a go!

I also started with juicing and trying to eat a more vegetarian based diet. I still eat a bit meat etc but much less and the juicing is really giving me a lot of energy and good mojo 🙂

As we speak I am sitting in the garden and having a happy coffee (chocolate cappucino) and enjoying the spring sun. When I finish this post I will continue to read The Power. That book seems really good. So to sum it up, life is really great! I am grateful for all the positive things in life!

Have a wonderful day!


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