Lazy Sunday

I have spent the most of my day to listen to Mr Earl Nightingale.. What a wonderful voice and he is full of wisdom. I love to listen to different self help audios. It is what I do in the morning while I get ready for work as well. I can highly recommend that you search on youtube after him, you will not be disappointed.

Today I have a day off and I was supposed to do so many things, like clean the house, go to the beach etc and instead I ended up doing nothing except cleaning 2 drawers and hanging the laundry outside…
I had a phone call with my mother that really sucked the energy and good mood out of me so I decided that I will go and visit my friend in Marmaris Yacht Marine and just FEEL the wealth around me and visualize how wealthy I am and also treat myself to a dinner over there and have a few laughs. THAT is what I am gonna do today and if I have some energy when I get back home I will clean this place up a bit. If not that is ok too. 🙂

Today is all about feeling good!
What are you doing to feel good today?

Take care and stay positive!
Home Sweet Home


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