An extra blog post to sum up the day…

So I went to Marmaris Yacht Marine to visit my friend and see his yacht. It is impressive isn’t it? It is not in the water yet so we were just sitting on the deck chatting away about life, dreams and bucket lists.
I came to the conclusion that I would like to sell gold and jewelry for 200000 euro this season, Save minimum 10% of my salary, live in a vineyard, be a Life Coach and Dog trainer, sell my paintings for $500 each, invest in apartments around the world and rent them out, visit seminars to learn things but also attend them as a speaker. I want to do my own eat, pray, love version and I want to find my Felipe and settle down and get one or two kids.
I want to do more than just manage from paycheck to paycheck, maybe even do a little internet business. I want to live, laugh and enjoy life!
It is amazing what you find out about yourself when you sit on a yacht chatting with a friend isn’t it? šŸ™‚

I spoiled myself with a Kebab today after that, the sea air made me hungry like a wolf! And then I went on a little shopping round. I came home, cleaned and mopped the floors. Did the dishes and then I made someĀ nutritiousĀ juice and now I will do some Qi gong before I sleep. I think I can feel good about myself, I wasn’t too lazy! Hahaha.
Oh I also learned that when someone is bugging you or being mean you can send love and light to them by writing their name on a piece of paper, contemplate for a little while then burn the note.. I am so gonna try this on some people in my life.

Zoom Zoom!

Ā The Indigo


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