We all have a choice…

Today the sun showed it self in beautiful Marmaris and I am starting to get color on my face 🙂
I love the sun, it gives me an energy boost you wont believe. 
Today at work we got a visit from some new reps from a Scandinavian company we are working together with. One of them was a Turkish woman who was born in Sweden, a lovely person and she has sales experience, and took some courses in it and she used to work in gold shops in Sweden, so I immediately thought hey, that’s cool, maybe she can give me a few lessons and then we will both make money and she really liked the idea. My colleagues thought, let’s tease Tinha and tell her that she will be working in the Gold Center next year. My response was, hey cool! They didn’t like that.. But I think like this, I have a choice, I can either be greedy, afraid to share, be jealous and not very successful.
If she starts she starts, and that is ok. The better sales personnel, the better it is for the company and the better it is for me. I KNOW my customers will find me as long as I make sure that I am on the right track and on the right frequency. I even have customers waiting for me when I am dealing with another customer and if you have ever been in Turkey you know that it is not how it works over here. I have a good energy that customers like and they can feel that I don’t panic and that is why I am so unique in my shop. The other ones choose to panic and be competitive.
I know that I am not a top seller and I know that if I bring in a better seller we might get a good sale even if it means we have to split the winning. But that is still better than nothing and that is the amount the jealous and competitive people make. They rather loose the customer than share the profit. They can’t think outside the box. 
We all have a choice, what do you choose?

Be safe! 



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