Defining my goals.

Today I was talking with a colleague and friend of mine and I realized one thing… The reasons to why my manifestations doesn’t work as I want them to is because I am not clear with what I want and I want way to much at the same time. Or shall I say, I don’t really know what I want so how can the universe know what I want?
Duh!! *hits myself on the head with a rolled up magazine*

So what do I want?
I want to become certified and professional in the following areas:
Life Coaching
Qi gong
Chakra clearing and healing
Stress consulting
Calming signals for dogs

I want to go to Seminars/courses with:
Dr Wayne Dyer
Danielle LaPorte
Brad Yates
Anthony Robbins
Dr Hew Len
Turid Rugaas

I want to work as a:
Life coach/ feel good consultant and Dog trainer

How do I want to work?
From home and have clients all over the world.

Where do I want to live?
Hmmm… I don’t see myself having one home but several… So, Bali, Brazil, Maldives, Istanbul, Marmaris, Florida, Sweden. I guess I need to work on  this part. 🙂

What do I need to make this reality?
Money, lot’s of money and education.

Is this really what I want?

Can I do it?
Hell yeah you bet!!! I got this!  😉

What can I do right now?
Take part of all the free materials online, learn as much as possible and save money.

I guess I need to work some more on this but I just wanted to write down what came into my mind to make it clear for myself and then have a base to work from. I am life coaching myself lol!
What are your goals?

Time to meditate and then catch my beauty sleep so take care and stay safe!



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