Bad energy and babies, again! :)

Wow I am amazed! For 2 days I have been so tired and haven’t got anything done at home. I think it is the Qi gong that is clearing stuff out. But anyway it is nice to be lazy and just pamper yourself isn’t it? I have a Masters degree in self pampering! 🙂
Today at work there was a lot of negative energy and fighting and it all happened when I was waiting for my group and I could feel how it was disturbing me and that I needed some fresh energy. I was walking around doing my breathing and realising of bad energy but I told my colleague that I hope a baby comes to make it all nice again. And voila a baby came! I didn’t get close to it or talked to it. I just had one look, smiled big and felt happy inside, said Masallah! (That is something islamic people say to not bring bad luck from envy and I kind of liked that thought so I borrowed it from them) And immidiately I felt how my energy was balanced out and I started to feel better and *bam* I got a awesome customer and sold for a lot of money! Thank you Universe!! Now my colleagues are a bit jealous so I need to do some more energy clearing. I think I need to hurry up with learning about chakras and how to protect myself from other peoples energies this year. If any of you have any ideas or recommendations on how to do this please feel free to share. Now I will continue to enjoy the sun here at work until next group/ sale comes 😉 and I wish you all an awesome day!

Stay safe!


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