Good Evening Infidels…. *wiggling my eyebrows the Achmed style*
I just love Jeff Dunhams, Achmed the dead terrorist. It makes me laugh so I cry every time. If you haven’t seen it then go to Youtube NOW and search for Achmed the dead terrorist. You will laugh so hard that you get exercise pain if you have the same sense of humor as me. 

So I will try to keep this post short because I am supposed to be in my bed sleeping right now but I just wanted to share this…
Firsts, I just love them.. The first step, my first Barbie, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, apartment, car, holiday etc.. And today I had another first.. 
After a lot of thinking and a bit of anxiety I decided to invest in myself and buy my first Swiss made watch. So I am now a proud owner of a Tissot PRC 100…  (= 
So why the anxiety? Well first of all, it is a lot of money for me and I have not yet mastered to get  my money manifestations as often as I want them.. Second of all it was not a watch I fell in love with. It is not really my style BUT it is a really nice watch that is growing on me. It has class! 
So why did I decide to buy this watch if I didn’t love it? Well in my line of work selling expensive jewelry and watches it does not look good if am wearing a cheap scratched copy watch. Nothing wrong with copies except that you need to exchange them, like all the time! Any way it would be like selling something expensive wearing extremely worn down jeans, hmmm I actually did sell Mac computers dressed like that when I was called in on a day off so maybe that was not a good example…. Well you know what I mean anyway. 

Well I needed a watch that would look, classy, elegant, not too cheap and not too expensive and would give a good impression. I fell in love with a simple Raymond Weil watch but it was not within my budget but my colleagues all recommended this one to me and I have to admit that they have good taste. There was only one and the chance of getting a new one would be very difficult so after behaving like a real Swedish person and think about it in every possible aspect 511 times, I decided to stop being a sissy and just do it because the would come more money from the place wherever money comes from!! (or they will for some reason decide to let me have this watch for free at work 😉 <— Positive thinking. Hahaha

After I bought the watch I felt a bit like Bambi on thin ice but everyone paid me compliments for it and you this amazing customer I met yesterday? Well she came back and she has very good taste especially when it comes to watches and she immediately noticed my watch and she got all exited about it and that was the moment when I knew that I had made the right choice. And then I started to love my watch.

That woman was one of the reasons to why I wanted to buy a better watch, she is a strong, independent woman and she is everything I want to be when I reach her age and successful people like that don’t wear crap watches. They buy real things and quality from the beginning and that folks is how you make good investments. So that is what I will do, I will buy good things from the beginning and be careful with what I got!

And now it is time for me to dream some sweet dreams about my handsome future husband and tell him to buy a GPS so he can hurry up and find me soon. 😛

Stay safe!

I love my new watch!!


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