Mini Coopers

Something funny is happening. I wrote before that I am reading The Power by Rhonda Byrnes and it says that when you are happy for others instead of being jealous then you are allowing it into your life. I love Mini Coopers and I would like to have one and the other day I saw a turqoise one and it was soooo cool! Now I see it almost every day and I start to see a red one and several others as well. And they are quite rare here but now I see them everywhere! It is so cool! And everytime I see one I say Yes! Who knows maybe I will become together with the man who owns the turqoise one hahaha.

And I have to give you some good news after yesterdays rant, I am getting my scooter back today and they made it really nice and it was a good price. I am really grateful for thay. 🙂

Now I need to get back to work.
Be safe friends!



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