Ho’oponopono in Marmaris

I am on a quest, I am determined to turn negative experiences into positive ones. It is really hard buy Greyskull I will do it! The last week have been full of struggles like being hit by drunk driver, fighting for what is rightn jealousy at work, people trying to make problems for me, fighting and just a shitload of bad energy. It kind of feels like that wherever I go there is problems. I know I can change this and change my vibration. I HAVE to change it because I can tell that I am not feeling good, the nightmares are back. I am trying to escape a mad man who is trying to kill us inside a shop and I am trying to hide and wait him out until he snaps out of what ever trance he is in. But there are so many people following me to my hiding places so they are exposing me and as soon he is coming closer I wake up. I guess that the dream is trying to tell me that I feel like trapped and like I am slowly dying with the way I am living right now and I think the people following me is my colleagues because they “follow” me at work. And I think the general meaning is frustration.

So what can I do about all of this? Well I can ask myself what I want. Easy! I want to work as a certified personal and business coach. I want to learn chakra healing, I want to become a Certified EFT coach. I want to help people and I want to be my own boss. I want to be rich and happy. I want to be happily in love with my “Felipe” (you know the Brazilian guy from Eat, pray love.)

Ok first part done. Now I need to focus on these things I want instead of thinking of all these things I don’t want.

Ok second part done. Now I need to be grateful and feel the love. When I am driving to work I am calling out all the things I am grateful for, the sun, that I am here alive, that I am feeling better, I have a insurance, workvisa, my own apartment etc.

And now to the last part… Do you guys remember Dr. Hew Len and the mental ward he worked in? I need to do what he did. I will sit down on all my breaks and just say: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, Thank you. And this is to take responsibility for all the bad energies and do my best to clean it away. I feel that this is what I need to do and I hope I will reach the same result as Dr Len did.
Wish me luck!

I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you! 🙂



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