Manifest moving of boxes?

Hello dear co-creators!
I hope you are doing amazingly well!

Here in Turkey it is a bit turbulent but not in my city, Marmaris. I am glad though that people are starting to think for themselves and that they are reacting. Atatürk would have been so proud over them!

Anyway I am facing a huge challenge.. My boxes that are left in Sweden from when I moved to Turkey needs to be moved. So now I need to manifest the whole move! Talk about stress trying to arrange it all but I will make it! I just need to stay postive and not let the stress take over.

Dear cute Universe,

I would like to order 4 volonteers with big cars and strong muscles to help moving my things next week so the move will go nice and smoothly.
I would really appreciate any help I can get.
Thank you very much and I wish you a nice day! 🙂

Love Tinha

Ok there, I made the order. Now I just have to believe and stay in the flow. Easier said than done but I find that meditating is really helpful with that and also the qi gong I do in the morning seems to make wonders.

Now I better get prepared for my group with Danish customers who will arrive shortly to the gold center. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot… I have managed to manifest half the rent as a pay raise! :)) It was totally amazing and very much appreciated.

Ok you kids,
Be nice and stay safe!



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