Danish hot dogs and manifestations in action..

I just have to share with you guys.. Yesterday was just AMAZING!!
I did my normal routine with morning meditation, training, qi gong and tapping before I went to work. And I felt really good and I was smiling all the way to work. One thing what I do when driving to work is that I say thank you while driving on my little electric scooter. I try to find as many things I can to be grateful for while driving. 

Anyway, let me tell you….. The customers was coming in a steady stream, THAT has never happened before! I even got customers from the front door! I am selling and I love it!
And then my returning guests came and it was wonderful to see them and they brought me Danish Hot Dogs and some other food I had mentioned that I missed. Isn’t that really sweet of them. I was so moved that I cried happy tears. Oh and they bought some jewelry as well. 

And then customers asked me if we had any painkillers so I took one box from the company, since it was Saturday evening and everything was closed already and it would be closed today. So when I was driving home I was thinking that it would be nice and convenient if the emergency pharmacy would be on my way home… And guess what… It was! 🙂 

I asked for help with the move of my things in Sweden and help is coming from all over!. It is really going my way now. I am happy like a Ferrari on a test drive on autobahn.


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