1 1/2 hamburger

Hello folks, I hope you are all doing great. The heatwave has hit Turkey and it is really hot right now. Anyway I wanted to share with you my latest manifesting story, 1 1/2 hamburger.
Yesterday I was so hungry at work and they were serving something in the staffkitchen that was suitable for a Brazilian Viking like yours truly so I went down to out cafeteria and I told Osman that I was really hungry and that I wanted 1 1/2 hamburger. He is used to me so he laughed and asked 1 or 2 Tinha? I said ok I will have one then. I got it and then 2 of my colleagues came and one ordered 3 the other one 2. So while we were sitting there eating one of them turned to me and said, 2 hamburgers is to much for me, would you like to have half? I smiled, thanked the universe and I said yes please!

That ladies and gentlemen is how you manifest 1 1/2 hamburger. I think the trick was that I was playing around. I love it when I get an instant reply from the universe.

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Best online coach?

I think in order to become a really good life/EFT coach I should undergo some coaching myself and find someone I really like and then take the same classes as that person. It will give me a deeper understanding for my clients. Does anyone have any recomendations?

Have a fabulous day!

The Power

I finished reading The Power by Rhonda Byrnes a while back and just realized that I forgot to write a review so here it comes.

The Power is a book who is a follower to The Secret and it serves as a reminder to raise your vibration through being happy where you are right now, focus on the good things in your life, and most importantly to be grateful. I really liked it but there wasn’t any new information but it was a really nice book. I give it 4 Mojitos out of 5.

The 4 hour work week…

Hello fellow co-creators I have just finished reading: The 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferris and even though it was a good book, with very wise advices that I will try and very informative and if you are having your own company in America then you should read it. However it is written in a way that doesn’t agree with me, it became more of a chore to read it and I was a bit disappointed after the hype there has been around this book. Another thing that bugs me is that this book is written for Americans who wants to make business in America so he gets a big minus for not thinking of us outside of America.
So I will give it 3 Mojitos out 5.

How to love yourself even if you are a Heffalump..

I am a big beautiful woman! There I said it! I live in a country where it is normal to comment on peoples weight and pick on a person when they eat. And it made me very sensitive and sad and the more sad I became the more I ate. Vicious circle. But then I decided to think that yes I am a big woman but I look really good anyway and I dress nice, smell good, care about myself and good looking men are still interested so it can not be that bad. And when push comes to show, when I am alone with a man in a room I am still the hottest good looking woman in the room and that’s a fact! 🙂

So I really love me just like I am but that doesn’t mean that I will just let myself go. No sir! I am actively taking actions to loose weight and trying to move more but I refuse to stress about it. And besides if someone doesn’t like me the way I am now then I will not like them when I am at my preferred weight!

And ladies, there are a ton of men out there who loves BBW so don’t worry, he is out there and he will appreciate every single kilo of yours.

So keep smiling, you are beautiful!

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