How to love yourself even if you are a Heffalump..

I am a big beautiful woman! There I said it! I live in a country where it is normal to comment on peoples weight and pick on a person when they eat. And it made me very sensitive and sad and the more sad I became the more I ate. Vicious circle. But then I decided to think that yes I am a big woman but I look really good anyway and I dress nice, smell good, care about myself and good looking men are still interested so it can not be that bad. And when push comes to show, when I am alone with a man in a room I am still the hottest good looking woman in the room and that’s a fact! 🙂

So I really love me just like I am but that doesn’t mean that I will just let myself go. No sir! I am actively taking actions to loose weight and trying to move more but I refuse to stress about it. And besides if someone doesn’t like me the way I am now then I will not like them when I am at my preferred weight!

And ladies, there are a ton of men out there who loves BBW so don’t worry, he is out there and he will appreciate every single kilo of yours.

So keep smiling, you are beautiful!

Zoom zoom!


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