1 1/2 hamburger

Hello folks, I hope you are all doing great. The heatwave has hit Turkey and it is really hot right now. Anyway I wanted to share with you my latest manifesting story, 1 1/2 hamburger.
Yesterday I was so hungry at work and they were serving something in the staffkitchen that was suitable for a Brazilian Viking like yours truly so I went down to out cafeteria and I told Osman that I was really hungry and that I wanted 1 1/2 hamburger. He is used to me so he laughed and asked 1 or 2 Tinha? I said ok I will have one then. I got it and then 2 of my colleagues came and one ordered 3 the other one 2. So while we were sitting there eating one of them turned to me and said, 2 hamburgers is to much for me, would you like to have half? I smiled, thanked the universe and I said yes please!

That ladies and gentlemen is how you manifest 1 1/2 hamburger. I think the trick was that I was playing around. I love it when I get an instant reply from the universe.

Zoom Zoom!


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