More Mini Coopers

The other day I were walking with a colleague of mine and I were telling her about the Mini Cooper experience the other day and hiw funny it was when it just appeared out of nowhere.  I was telling her that when im really in the flow I see the Turqoise one, my favorite. Guess what drove by us 30 seconds later?
Yes! The turqoise Mini Cooper! 🙂 How awesome is that?  I wonder what else can I manifest?  🙂

Zoot zooot!


The 2 hour cold

Im beginning to have cold. You know runny nose, soar throat etc. Everyone at work are getting sick now as well. But I have decided to have the 2 hour cold. It comes, it stays for 2 hours and not a minute more! Then it goes to someone who wants to be sick for 3 weeks. Perfect solution. So im sitting here wirh my herbal tea thinking about how good I will feel 2 hours from now. Im getting healthier and healthier with every sip of tea. 🙂
Remember this the next time you get a cold.


With or without you

With or without you is an awesome song but it is also a very good way to think when it comes to dating.
There is one man on this dating site I am on who really got my attention and I would love to get to know but he is a bit cold and it kibd of got to me. But then I thought to myself: Get a grip of yourself woman! You have managed this far without him. If he likes you and wants to be part of your life thats great! If not then that is great too! I’m going on with my life with or without him.
And the same actually goes for everything else in your life. Your life will go on without that new mobile phone, the new car, that red hand bag. It is true.

Have an awesome day everyone!

Instant manifestations.

I know I am hopeless when it comes to regular blogging. And it is totally ok! 🙂

Anyway I wanted to share with you how awesome the Universe is. Today when I was driving on my little scooter to work I was thinking about how great life is and that today is a great day and I feel in alignment so maybe I get to see Mini Coopers.. It didn’t even take one second to manifest because as soon as I had thought it I looked to my right and drove straight pass a red Mini Cooper cabriolet. I was impressed…
And then later when I was sitting and doing some Ho’oponopono another one drove by a white one. They are not that common over here.

Why am I sharing this? Because I really think Mini Coopers are cute and cool and I would like to have one so as soon as I am in the right state of mind or at least one the right way I start to see them. It is the barometer of my positive energy. Isn’t it pretty cool?
I was amazed I can tell you guys that.

Stay positive and keep manifesting!

Zoom zoom