Instant manifestations.

I know I am hopeless when it comes to regular blogging. And it is totally ok! 🙂

Anyway I wanted to share with you how awesome the Universe is. Today when I was driving on my little scooter to work I was thinking about how great life is and that today is a great day and I feel in alignment so maybe I get to see Mini Coopers.. It didn’t even take one second to manifest because as soon as I had thought it I looked to my right and drove straight pass a red Mini Cooper cabriolet. I was impressed…
And then later when I was sitting and doing some Ho’oponopono another one drove by a white one. They are not that common over here.

Why am I sharing this? Because I really think Mini Coopers are cute and cool and I would like to have one so as soon as I am in the right state of mind or at least one the right way I start to see them. It is the barometer of my positive energy. Isn’t it pretty cool?
I was amazed I can tell you guys that.

Stay positive and keep manifesting!

Zoom zoom


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