Live, love, laugh…

To be happy in your everyday life can be hard sometimes when you are struggling and don’t have any money, having a job or relationship you dont feel happy with or maybe you are in a lot of pain etc. But it is even harder to deal with all of that and feeling crap at the same time. To gather strength you need to try to smile or laugh as much as possible. Even if it is just for 5 minutes you will feel good for 5 minutes. It is a well deserved break. Next time it might be 7 minutes or maybe even half an hour. It doesn’t really matter because the point is to take every chance to feel good as often as possible and then you will see that you will feel good more often and it will be easier to deal with your problems. Go and see your friends even if you feel a bit low, watch Bill Engvall or funny clips on youtube. Children laughing is a safe bet. Read funny stories or watch Monthe Python if you like that kind of humor. Play a practical joke with your partner. Try it, what do you have to loose except your bad mood? 🙂

Zoot zoot!


One thought on “Live, love, laugh…

  1. This is fabulous!! 🙂 I am really blessed these days because my coworkers and I spend a lot of time laughing about everything when we are not overswamped. Keep writing!! 🙂

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