A new year filled with hope and prosperity!

Hello all of you positive people!
I hope you all had a nice ending of 2013 and positive start of 2014! I know this year will be totally amazing and life changing for me! I have so many plans and ideas that I don’t know where to start. I did win an amount on the new year lottery though so that was a good start for this year.

I was home in Sweden during the holidays and I didn’t like it one bit until I came up to my cabin. Then I realized that it was there I wanted to be. No colleagues, no people, just peace and quiet. Birds, my garden and inspiration. So I decided to move back and live in my cabin. It needs a lot of fixing before I can live there and I need to find a part time job in Sweden. I don’t have everything figured out yet but I will. I do know I have a few things to pay off and I need to save some money to get both me and the cats home. But the good part is that I am totally convinced that the universe will provide me with everything I need when I need it. It always has and always will. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I love Marmaris and the surroundings but I don’t like my job and my job is such a big part of my life. If I could live here and only work from home and manage my own hours I wouldn’t move permanently.I would divide my time between Sweden and Turkey. The question is how do I do that? EFT and meditation for sure and the correct lottery numbers!

I found an amazing Facebook group by the way, I am imagination. It is free and it is awesome and I can highly recommend it.
Currently I am also participating in Louise Hays Start The New You Seminar. It is free and I encourage all of you to participate. It is just amazing especially the day 2 short film: Tales of everyday magic.

Since I came back I have had inspiration to paint so I have made a few new paintings and I am thinking about making an online gallery and see if someone is interested in my paintings. Who knows, maybe they will become popular? 🙂

Anyway have a wonderful day/evening and take care!


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