The 7-day Gratitude Writing Challenge

Hello you wonderful people!
I hope you are all doing great. I am feeling fabulous and awesome :) I have so much creativity inside of me that it is scary. hahaha 
There seem to be some bad weather coming in over Marmaris so I will stay inside and just write and paint. I could live like that forever and just do dogtraining in between. I would love that! 

So one of my FB friends invited me to this 7-day writing challenge and I will join it. I need to get back into the flow and feel the joy and gratitude so I thought that I will post it here as well in case any of you would like to join me. The link to the FB event is here:

I will write it here in the blog so you all can see and maybe even feel inspired.

So here’s what you do: Write down what you are grateful for! Write for at least 7 minutes; longer if you’d like. You may write it as a list. You may write it as a journal entry. Write multiple things for which you are grateful or simply write and elaborate about one thing. Actually use pen/pencil and paper, whether you keep or discard the paper. If you’d like, you are welcome to come here and share what you’ve written but be sure to write it out. It helps you to get into the feeling place of your appreciation. 

We all know that love and appreciation is the closest energy to that was source energy! Love and appreciation opens the door and allows that which you desire to come through! JOIN US. 

Enhancements (optional): 
1. Meditate before writing
2. Do The Power exercise (in the Carole Dore emergency money audios) before writing
3. Do any vibrationally uplifting activity before sitting to write
4. Write while listening to music, especially 528 hertz miracle music (you can find a lot of it on YouTube)
5. Dance or exercise, then write
6. Do this before bed, in order to ensure a wonderful vibration before sleep.
7. Do this upon waking up, after smile for 60 seconds, to ensure a lovely start to your day. 

Lets be grateful together.



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