God on a motorcycle

Hello you wonderful people! This will be a post about something that might seem like nothing but it made me smile.
When I used to live in Sweden all my friends were driving Harleys and customized them. Even me and my ex 5 Harleys. He was one of the best builders in Sweden when it came to old bikes and he made me fall in love with an orange knucklehead bobber he customized. I lived that bike. Mind you, I don’t know how to drive, I just ride, but I loved watching him drive that bike!
He was like a God on Harley and took my breath away every time I saw him on it. I will try to find the picture of it.

Anyway, Harleys are very rare down here and you can forget about bobbers and I miss it so much. So can you imagine my smile when l was passed by a white bobber today? It was not a HD it was a Yamaha but non the less it was beautiful bobber and it made my heart smile. I didn’t see the face of the man but let me tell you he looked like a God on a Yama and it made my day!  The bobber was white, hummer tank, fat wheels and just like a bobber should be. The guy wearing blue jeans. Black bomber jacket, backpack and a black integral. Driving it with an attitude that was perfect. It gave me such a happy feeling inside and for this I am grateful. I needed to feel those feelings, feeling alive. I am so forcing my friends to rent a Harley this summer when they come for a visit. I need to feel that freedom again.

Maybe I should take my drivers licence for motorcycle before I leave Turkey… It would be so cool. Then I would look something like the woman in the picture. Note the high heels.. 🙂

Have a great day out there folks!



4 thoughts on “God on a motorcycle

  1. Can’t beat the feeling of seeing/hearing/riding a good bike!! I think biking is in the blood – you should definitely go for your license! xx

      • Teehee I’m not such a fan of that, I prefer to be in control 🙂 Hehe!

        When I was well enough to ride (sadly I can’t anymore) I used to take my Dad on the back, we’d always get funny looks because I’m so tiny and the bike and my Dad were twice my size! 🙂 xxx

      • Lol I can imagine. I am always in control in my life and this is the only time I can totally relax and just let go. That’s why I like it so much.

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