Karma, I have a list for you….

ImageToday started off pretty OK, I was mentally prepared for the issues at work so it went much easier and I even had serious normal conversations with one of the supervisors! I really appreciated that! I also did my gratitude thing while driving to work and I can tell you that the blue Wisteria trees and Japanese cherry trees are wonderful when they bloom. I love to see that.

I also got a visit from a wonderful friend and this person impressed me so much by the determination to change his/her life. I am so proud over him/her. No matter if he/she succeeds or not I will be there. Pure unconditional love my dear friend. ALWAYS ♥

But today something happened that makes me ashamed to call myself human. I don’t want any part of this race.. Humans are just horrible beings with no hearts..
A fb friend shared a video of the difference between animals and humans.
And I am sad to say, there is no compassion or respect for life in some countries.
The video was showing on dog who was hit by a car and then the other dog crossed the road to save it and was successful with this. The dog survived. Thank you Good Power ♥ ♥ ♥

But then they showed a toddler, a 2 year old girl who was hit by a minivan. The person doesn’t even stop and look,  the driver just tries to drive over the hinder, it doesn’t work so he backs up a bit gains speed and drives over her. He just leaves her there. And then so many people drive by her, walks by her and she is laying there alive. Even a mother with a child walks by… A MOTHER!!!! Then she gets hit by another car!! I was praying that it was a dummy and that they just did it to test people but it was real. Then finally someone notices that she is alive and calls for help and another woman (her mother I think) rush to the child and gets her to the hospital where she dies.
It is absolutely disgusting behavior and horrible!! What cruelty and lack of compassion!

I don’t know enough words to express how I feel. I can tell you I had a break down and panic attack from watching this because I felt so bad for this Asian girl laying there all alone, with all this pain and being totally helpless. How can things like this happen?! Don’t they have hearts? No feelings? They are monsters! There is no respect for life what so ever in this side of the world. They flea the skin of dogs and cats alive and just continue with their lives. I hope Karma will find them and deal with them accordingly. And then I started to wonder, how many more children are victim of things like this? Too many I am sure.

I felt such rage and hatred and at the same time I was filled with so much love for this little girl and I wish I could tell her, that even though I didn’t know her or her name, she is so loved and she will live in my heart forever and I will try to help as many children as I can. In one way or another.. That is the only thing I can do to honor the children who dies like this.

I lit a candle for this little angel today and I sent her all my love. I know she is better off there than here. She is safe there.
No one was looking after her down here.. 😦 She will live on in my heart forever. I will never forget her. Bless her and may she rest in peace. ♥ ♥ ♥

For me children and animals are sacred, we need to look after them. The same goes for the weak ones in the society.
So I have decided that especially when I move to America I will get involved with charities for homeless people but I will also try to focus on helping kids and of course animals. perhaps become a foster parent, I have been thinking about that since I was 13 and met baby Michael who moved from foster home to foster home.  Or I can get involved in some project focusing on helping and supporting kids. Maybe even try to find a job within this sector? I need to do something! it will be hard since I am an empath and HSP. But I can do it, I have to do it.

I need to do some EFT and meditate..
Please say a prayer for the little angel, I would really appreciate it.  ♥

Over and out..

Edit, I now know her name. Her name was Yue Yue… This happened in 2011 so it is an old story but it should never be forgotten.
You can read about her here… Very strong images..

~ ♥ ~ RIP Little Angel Yue Yue ~ ♥ ~


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