If I Cancan, You Cancan!

Today I saw a highly inspirational TED Talk. I always love the TED Talk seminars but some of them stays with you. This was one of those. It was held by a gorgeous woman who is both smart, very good looking and so funny. I really liked her and she has made it onto my top 10 list with favorite comedians. If you don’t have a list with comedians then make one now! I will wait right here for you. It is a lifeline when you are having a ugly day and is an instant mood shifter.

Maybe you have heard of this excellent comedian her name is Maysoon Zayid and she is one heck of a woman let me tell you that! She also had a very good and wise father. 🙂 Bless his soul. I am so glad that she had the support of her family so she could develop into this beautiful woman. So many kids doesn’t get that chance today.

So before the seminar I was feeling a bit tired and my back was hurting when I woke up so I was a bit low but then I came across this and my mood and vibration shifted immedietly.
She has such a positive energy that it is contagious.
After I saw her seminar I felt so much lighter. Ans I thought, don’t be a lazy bug, call up your friend and go for a walk it will not only help with the pain it is good for me to see people and get some sun on my face.

So I will not keep you with my blabbering, go and check out the seminar on the link below and please let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful day out there.
If I cancan, You cancan



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