The secret relationship

Hello my lovely co-creators.
It has been a tough week, we officially opened the shop for the season so it means longer days at work. 
If I can get my phone to work like it should I might be able to use all of those hours to write so I am trying to see it positive. 

Today I want to share with you a very weird phenomenon.. Maybe some of you can shed some light over this. 
So I am on this dating site and it is going quite well except for one small problem..
I can start talking with a guy and really enjoy the conversation and we might even talk on skype or on the phone and plan to meet. everything is great, I am happy, feeling positive and giggly.
Since I am a bit excited I want to share it with my tribe sisters so I happily tell them about it. Shortly thereafter something goes wrong. 

My friend H couldn’t believe it and was convinced that I was joking and said Tinha you cant be serious, God can not want for you to be in a secret relationship!!! 
So we made a test. I started talking with a guy and I told H about it and shortly thereafter it fails…. After more than 5 times with different friends we have now come to the conclusion that I should shut up until I have met the guy. Apparently some higher power wants me to be in a secret relationship. LOL 
So now they are just asking if I am talking with someone and if it is good and then we leave it. So we will see if it makes a difference. 

Do you have weird things like that happening in your life?

Oh by the way there is a fortune teller here now in Marmaris and apparently she is good so I am gonna go and see her. I am really excited. Maybe she can guide me to the right work area so I can focus on that instead of being a Jane of all trades. I am all over the place. 

Today I met with Yaz and it was a lovely day and we had a Turkish breakfast outside and we managed to laugh until we cried. I love laughing that much. It makes me feel alive and happy. She is coming with me to the US. We will make this journey together.
We decided to go out for her birthday on Friday and I will make a painting for her. She is going through a rough patch so I want to cheer her up and I know she has been wishing for one of my paintings for a while so I will make one especially for her. And I have the perfect name for it already. And I will add some loving text on the back that will encourage her.. 
It is a good thing she is not reading my blog so don’t you go around and tell her about my plans! 🙂

I guess todays grace is that I am grateful for my tribe members, they all mean a lot to me. Oh and sleep ins… Sleep ins are totally underrated. 

Stay safe out there. 



2 thoughts on “The secret relationship

  1. Hola gorgeous!!! I think it’s underlying beliefs that prevent it. I’m alwYs wishing only the best for you, my fellow animal adopter lol. Have a beautiful day!

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