Today is an amazing day!

I don’t remember if i ever told you guys about my neighbors kid. Lets call him C. C is almost 4 years old and he is the most aggressive and rude kid ever and the language he uses would make me blush if I wasn’t a shield maiden. But since another neighbor started to look after him during the day he has slowly transitioned into a more normal child.
Anyway every morning i tell him good morning before I go to work and he basically tells me to fuck off. 
Being a dog trainer I am the only person who doesn’t accept his bad behavior and tells him no. (They don’t really raise their kids and teach them right from wrong until they are much older here in Turkey)
But I refuse to give up on him because I can see though his behavior and see him and let me tell ya I love this kid.
I basically treat him like I would with any kind of misunderstood and misguided animal. With a lot of love, patience and consistency. I praise him when he is good and I ignore his bad behavior to let it burn out.

Today I had a breakthrough!! It was like winning the lottery. I saw C and said good morning as usual. He smiled and said good morning back to me!!! It has never happened. So I smiled and I went on and asked him if he had seen some nice dreams and he smiled and said yes and showed me his toy.  And then his day care lady told him to kiss me on my cheeks and he did it!  (It is the Turkish way of greeting someone) And i did it to him and he did it again!!  This has never happened before. I struck gold! It felt and feels amazing! I feel like the kid whisperer lol.

This day will be amazing thanks to C’ s smile and kisses. And I hope all of you will have an amazing day as well!

Zoom zoom


4 thoughts on “Today is an amazing day!

  1. Aw!! That’s amazing! Bless his sweet soul, he’s lucky to have someone as lovely and patient as you 🙂 xx

  2. I know this feeling and it is wonderful. Thank you so much for your patience and love. Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone acted as you did. Amazing. ~ Dennis

    • It was a wonderful feeling and do you know what, he did the same thing again two days ago and smiled with his whole little face. Bless him.
      I wish I could make the world a nice place for kids. It would be so awesome if more people would do it. If I do it, you do it and the others reading in this blog we are off to a good start wouldn’t you say? 🙂

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