I’m so sweet that even the bees wants me.

Sorry guys this post is directed to my female followers. I guess the advice can work both ways if you want to read it. 🙂

The title of today’s post was suggested by my lovely tribe sister Marina, when I got stung by a bee this week. She is one of my dearest friends. Every day we connect and she inspires me to do great and positive things. She has taught me loads during the years. She is really my co- creator and inspiration. And this morning we were talking as usual and I got inspired to write this. So this post is a tribute to Marina, you are fabulous!

Ok back to business..
As some of you know I have been single for centuries.. Not really but it sure feels like it. Lol
I am that kind of woman who can manifest any guy I want. I just look at him and thinks “I want him”and voilà I get him. Don’t ask me how, I just do it. It works on all men from rock stars to the boy next door. But the length of the relationships has been quite short or not a good healthy relationship so I felt that I need to try something different. I am ready for a quality relationship.

So this is what I am doing and it seems to work pretty well.  I feel that I am getting closer.

1. I followed Martha Becks advice of writing a list with 100 qualities I want my love to have. Yeah, yeah I know it is a lot but don’t diss the list dude! I got a ton of messages on OKC after I did it. Try it!

2. I started to feel like I am in a relationship. He is just not with me right now, he is out of town. That trick helped me let go of the neediness I felt.

3. I decided to give all guys a chance. If the thought of being intimate with this guy doesn’t make you want to puke then date him!!  Unless he is a drug user, violent, mental issues or other severe issues. Because then I will scream: Run Forest ruuuun!!! 🙂

4. We are not perfect so we shouldn’t expect them to be either. And ladies it isn’t his wallet or career you are going to bed with or will raise a family together with. So less focus on the materialistic things and more focus on his personality, morals and other qualities because that’s what you will be living with. Don’t lower your standards just exchange them for better ones. A good man can go as far as he wants as long as he is motivated and feels the support of a good and loving woman behind him. (There was a lot if “as” in that sentence lol)

5. Feel it! Love him! Appreciate him! I know, I know.. How can you love someone who you doesn’t even know?  I came up with this since I have problems with visualization since I am more of a emotional personality. So every day I am feeling grateful to have this good man in my life. I feel loved and appreciated. When I put on my underwear in the morning I think about how he will enjoy watching them on me etc. When I feel the scent from a nice perfume I think about him and how it feels to hug him and smell this scent on him etc. I think you get the idea.  We are all different so maybe you can see it in front of you and that is great. There are no wrong and
right here.

6. Love yourself and the right person will love you too.  Be the best you that you can possibly be. The goal is to be so awesome that you would date yourself if you could! I love me, I am absolutely awesome!

7. If you are over 40 and doesn’t have kids but wants them then don’t panic. I really, really, really wants to have a family but if my time runs out then there is always adoption and foster parenting as a last option. Go and freeze some eggs or something but don’t stress about it. Come up with solutions instead.  I even have a donor lined up in case I feel that I want to create a small family on my own. That took a lot of stress and pressure of me I can tell you that.

8. He is coming! I am convinced that every day he is getting one day closer to me. He might be walking here from Africa though lol. Just believe in it!

9. Smile honey! Do fun things and enjoy yourself. Go out with your friends and live your life. Flirt and enjoy yourself. Being happy and smiling is so sexy! Forget about if you are too thin or have some extra fluff? So what? Charm always win anyway.

10. Don’t take things so seriously. Just enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. Maybe you will be with your guy for a week or for the rest of you life. Who knows? Just focus on making that time as amazing as possible. Remember you are in the same team. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Hakuna matata.

This post took a different turn than I intended too but it is ok. I hope you will find something of it useful.

Now will this wonderful woman go down to the garden cafeteria because the staff room turned into a hen house and i cant hear myself think. Man can Russian women speak nonstop or what? Lol
I will leave you with a great quote from Arnold..

I’ll be back! 🙂


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