20 amazing things


I you wonderful people, I hope you are having an amazing day! So I came across this nice picture and I thought it was an excellent blog post inspiration don’t you agree? I will write down my 20 and I would really like to read your 20.
Lets get busy.

1. A beem me up Scotty machine so I can travel to all my friends quick and easy.

2. My own family.

3. A self cleaning home.

4. A whole new series of wrinkle free clothes.

5. A way to store energy in an effective way.

6. Healthy medicines and cures to diseases.

7. A way to home and feed everyone.

8. My own dog training and coaching company.

9. A way to store happiness and laughter.

10. My dream house.

11. High heels that doesn’t hurt

12. A wonderful garden

13. More paintings.

14. Write those books i have inside of me.

15. I want to create a swinging bed.

16. I want to create a beautiful life for me and my family.

17. I want to create a research center for pain, Alzheimer’s and autism.

18. I want to create a wonderful gathering for my good friends all over the world.

19. I want to create a life for myself in America.

20. I want to create a safe haven for less fortunate children and animals.

How about you?


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