Dollars are coming to me


Hola you wonderful people!
I hope you are all doing great. I have had a few setbacks for a period of time but then yesterday I decided that enough is enough and while I was sitting at work I listened to a short money blockage meditation. When I came home I took a cleansing shower, burned some lemon incense, turned on some calming music and sat down and started to write switchwords in my journal. I wrote down switchwords to protect my home and to sell my car in Sweden and attract money in general. No one has been interested in that car for months and I could really use the money. I wrote a post in my journal as well, stating what I want. I also had to manifest money so a street cat can get spayed and it is urgent so I was feeling stressed but decided to sleep on it.

This morning I woke up early and started to listen to Abraham Hicks and got some good tips and hints. I have a few paper dollars that I printed out and today I felt like I wanted dollars so I took one of these paper dollars and put it in my back pocket.. A few hours later one of the drivers gave me money towards the cats operation and he also gave me dollars… I was just amazed, that paper dollar really does work! More people stepped forward and donated so tomorrow the cat will have her operation. 🙂 Then my friend wrote me and told me that we have a person who wants the car!!! Can you believe it!? I also sold another bracelet today! Money is coming in, in a steady stream! Isn’t this amazing?! 🙂

I am so grateful for how the Universe is conspiring to help me out in the best possible way!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :))

Zoot zoot


Burn god dammit burn!

I bet the title got your attention!  But you can relax, i am in an excellent mood and everything is exactly as it should be. I feel that I am coming closer to USA and Miami for every day that goes by. Oh, oh I almost forgot, my magnetic jewelery business is picking up. Almost all of my colleagues has bought a bracelet each and they all feel the benefits from it and spreading the word to other people. It’ s awesome!

Anyway I came across a blog yesterday that told me a very cool and simple way to get rid of negative emotions. You can do it in two ways, either you do it in your mind or you really do it.
Bruce Lee the legend used to practice this and he passed it on to Chuck Norris and now I will pass it on to you.

1. Write down the negative things that bothers you on a piece of paper. Put all your feelings into it.

2. Burn the paper! (Do not burn down the house so burn it safely in the sink or something ok?) And when the paper is burned to ashes so is your negative emotions. You can even spread the ashes in the wind if you want.

3. Believe and let it go. Now put your focus on some more positive things and you will attract more of that into your life.

And remember that if Chuck Norris has said that it works then it works because he knows everything and he is cool.

Stay safe out there peps.
Zoot zoot