Focusing on the twins.

For as far back as I have remembered I gave always said that I will have twins. It is just one of those things I know, it simply is.
Time is running out I am getting 40 this year and before I always felt a bit panicky about meeting my mate and have kids. This year I feel calm, I can honestly say that I am not worried. I feel like I have already met him and it is just matter of time. It is a done deal.
And I know that we will end up with wonderful twins. I don’t know when and I don’t know how but it is not my department. My job is to receive.

Just as you know and expect that when you flip the switch the electric will turn on like you know that the red light will turn green at the crossing that is how I feel about my partner and twins.

Yesterday it was Midsummer eve, an important holiday for a Swedish shield maiden like me. And let me tell you that something happened.. It was like a voice inside of me told me to prepare myself because the time has come. I just feel really peaceful and happy. Confident..

And just 5 minutes ago a female co worker walked by and said, that it is good that we have a slow day at work so I can sit down and focus on my twins! From day one that she saw !me she has said that I will have twins. Pretty cool right? I can feel how my who!e body is preparing itself. And I am helping it by giving it all the vitamins and minerals it can possibly need.

I am just enjoying the moment and I cant wait until I get to meet my family! In the meantime i am enjoying my own time.

Remember you are awesome!

Your biggest fan,

My beautiful mind..

So how are ya?
I am sitting here at work, as usual, currently hiding in the staff room and there is no one here but me. Let me tell you that it is a divine moment and I wanted to share it with you guys. ☺

To be able to hear your own thoughts and be able to breath.. Wow!
It feels like winning the lottery. Wohoooooo! Ok so I will hurry up with this post before the Russians and Turks invades the room and all hell breaks lose.

I have made a magnificent discovery and I just have to share it with you so you can share it with others. Organic Coconut oil! I have started to eat organic coconut oil every day, several times a day! And let me tell you that shit rocks!!

I used to have a magnificent memory when I was younger and then it slowly went downhill after my car accident and my pain escalated. It felt like I was living in a fog.. Repeating myself again and again, forgetting everything after five minutes and when it starts to affect your work it is not so fun anymore.. Let me put it like this, if my head wasn’t attached to my body I would have forgotten that one too! The cats has learned to remind me that it is feeding time as well.
I was seriously worried that I might have a early onset of Alzheimer’s.

So then I started to read about coconut oil for other reasons and I saw how it was helping people with Alzheimer’s so I decided to give it a go.. And look and behold my mind is turning into a beautiful mind!! How awesome is that?!?! I remember people, names, faces I can give razor sharp comments again and I am getting back into my old self. Do I have Alzheimer’s? I don’t know and I don’t care, it is not my business! I will just do what works for me and feel as awesome as I possibly can and then everything will heal itself, I am totally convinced about that. If you believe something else then keep it to yourself and do not piss on my fire! Lol

But if you do have someone close to you who has memory problems, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue syndrome, are stressed and burned out, whiplash etc then please share the info with them and encourage them to Google it and read more about it! I also did a few things to help with my sleep because I woke up several times per night and it made me exhausted.

I started to drink a glass of hot milk in the evening with 1-2 teaspoons of honey in it.. And I started to wear my magnetic bracelets from Energetix It think the lack of sleep were also effecting me and now I sleep like a dog and snore as one. And I also have less pain on my body as a side effect. Admit that you are impressed!☺

Anyway that was my secret to getting a better memory.

Enjoy your day!
Queen T

Talking is silver silence is gold

Hello you wonderful people! I hope all of you are doing good. I have been absent for a while because I don’t want to write when I am in a negative state of mind since I don’t want to share the negative vibe.

The season is not going well in Marmaris this year and everyone are low and worried so it is really hard to stay positive and I have been doing a lot of work on myself. I came in contact with a lovely life coach and I have decided that I will start working with her to get unstuck. I have started to make focus wheels and writing my new moon checks but I noticed that it is not enough, I need to do something else. So I am doing like Dr Hew Len everyday at work now trying to clean. I am also really curious in trying the Carol Dore’s power treatment course. Anyone who has tried it and can let me know what it is?

But some areas of my life I have some success with! 🙂 The magnetic bracelets are selling very well these days and it feels great! I am busy with making my web shop more known and I am trying to reach out to more people online. I hope I can transition from my normal day job to only work for myself. I wonder what it would take for me to be able to do that?
It would be absolutely AWESOME!

My normal daytime job needs my attention I just wanted to make a small post and say hi to you guys. Stay fabulous!

3 things I am grateful for:
My amazing body that has been through so much and is still standing.
Organic coconut oil! It has made wonder’s for my brain and memory. Try it!
My tablet with the Amazon kindle app! Excellent way for me to reach my beloved ebooks.

Queen T