Focusing on the twins.

For as far back as I have remembered I gave always said that I will have twins. It is just one of those things I know, it simply is.
Time is running out I am getting 40 this year and before I always felt a bit panicky about meeting my mate and have kids. This year I feel calm, I can honestly say that I am not worried. I feel like I have already met him and it is just matter of time. It is a done deal.
And I know that we will end up with wonderful twins. I don’t know when and I don’t know how but it is not my department. My job is to receive.

Just as you know and expect that when you flip the switch the electric will turn on like you know that the red light will turn green at the crossing that is how I feel about my partner and twins.

Yesterday it was Midsummer eve, an important holiday for a Swedish shield maiden like me. And let me tell you that something happened.. It was like a voice inside of me told me to prepare myself because the time has come. I just feel really peaceful and happy. Confident..

And just 5 minutes ago a female co worker walked by and said, that it is good that we have a slow day at work so I can sit down and focus on my twins! From day one that she saw !me she has said that I will have twins. Pretty cool right? I can feel how my who!e body is preparing itself. And I am helping it by giving it all the vitamins and minerals it can possibly need.

I am just enjoying the moment and I cant wait until I get to meet my family! In the meantime i am enjoying my own time.

Remember you are awesome!

Your biggest fan,


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