It is time…..

… For a change! I have been waking up for too many days in a row now feeling like “Hell no! Not today again!!”
Last Tuesday when I had my precious day off I met with my friend and her baby and it was such a lovely day hanging together by the pool, and having lunch at the restaurant. Now that it my life should be!! Working a bit with networking, writing a few posts or on my novel and coach a few wonderful clients. Maybe 4 hours of work per day, some charity work, yoga and meditation time and loads of fun and quality time with a fabulous partner, kids and pets.


Now this is what it should look like and I am making it look like that!
I have started with one of Leonie Dawsons courses and from what I have seen of her work so far I can really benefit from it so I am convinced this will be awesome. The wheels has been set to motion and good things are coming my way! 😁

So this fabulous woman wants to live somewhere warm preferable in America.. That leaves California, Miami, Hawaii, Maui.. Now how can I get there? I don’t want to marry for a visa but I am totally open to meeting a wonderful man, my soulmate and start a loving relationship with him.

Hello, Universe? Hi it is me, I would like to order my perfect match and soul mate and please send it with super fast delivery. Thank you and have a nice day!:)

But until I move to America and love enters my life, I would like to make enough money from my side projects so I can quite my day job and devote myself to feeling good as much as possible. Maybe paint and sell my paintings? Or why not win the lottery and travel between Sweden, Turkey and America? That would be freaking awesome! I could fix up my summer house in Sweden so it will become my mental retreat and relaxation place when I need to stay away from people and connect with nature. I would fix the apartment here in Marmaris so it becomes a cozy studio and I would just try different cities in the US until I find HOME.

It sounds pretty great don’t you think?
I would also spend some money in educating myself to a life coach. Then I can work online! EXCELLENT!!

Universe? Hi it is me again, could you throw in a big lottery winning in that order? A few hundred thousand would be awesome but a few millions would be really great!! Thanks and have a nice day!

My work here is done, now I just need to stay happy, be at home so I can receive the package. This feels great,  I love ordering from the Universe.

This post was sent to you live from the cafeteria at work.
Stay healthy, happy and safe.
Over and out.

Queen T 👑


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