Why are you pissed off?


Greetings earthlings. It is another day here in my paradise. Unfortunately i came across a snake today.. It really threw me out of my calm state of mind and I fucking hates when that happens.

I had a really good sale yesterday and I was really thrilled about it. It was customers my colleague had talked to before and they returned so it was great.
Unfortunately my colleague had his day off so I was assigned to help them. Awesome! They bought the items they had seen before and we were all happy. Today I was excited to tell my colleague that he sold for +$2000 on his day off!
His response was why did you write your name on the sale?? Then I would have made +$4000!! I just looked at him and said excuse me?!
Yes that how we do it around here! He responded back.
I said that if he wasn’t happy with the situation he should talk with the big boss who told me to write my name. And if he sees things like this then maybe he should ask to be called into the shop so he can attend his customers himself on his day off! I mean you got to be fucking kidding me right?

My other boss could see that I was fuming and he sent me upstairs while telling the snake that it wasn’t my fault. If my boss hadn’t sent me upstairs I would have told him that he should be grateful that I wrote his name even though they have stolen so many of my customers an never wrote my name and if the shoe were on the other foot it wouldn’t even be an issue and they would of course write their name on the sale.

I went upstairs really pissed off and started to try to understand myself why I was so angry.
I am angry and sad because he is a greedy, ungrateful bastard who doesn’t respect me, my time and my service and most importantly it is not fair!
It really disturbs me when people are unfair. He pissed on my fire and I worked hard to start it in the first place. Anyway as soon as I could pin point why I was angry I started to calm down and be more at peace. I started doing Ho’oponopono and I started to feel much better. In fact when my boss called me down and said that I was wrong (he is a person who changes the rules from day to day and is trying to please everyone and the snake has been nagging him I guess.) and that I misunderstood the rule, I was so at peace that I could calmly say, that I’m sorry boss but you are wrong, you even said these rules at the meeting with my other boss. He tried to convince me but I was so at peace that I couldn’t be changed. Later on more colleagues came and told me that I am right and that he actually said that. Oh and I got to keep my name on the sale AND they gave me a private customer. 🙂

So when you are pissed off, feel it, then stop and ask yourself WHY you are angry and why does it effect you so much? It will help you calm down way much faster. And then use your favorite tool like meditation, EFT, ho’oponopono etc to get you back into a better place.

Stay safe and awesome folks!

Over and out from Paradise


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