Driving down the fast lane

Hello my dear fellow earth citizen. I hope you are all doing fabulous.  It has been a while,  as always during the summer.  Crazy work hours mixed with too many projects,  things to do,  friends to catch up with. And voila you end up sitting in a car driving 150 km per hour towards Burned Out Ville… 

Not good at all my friends but it helps me see what I want in life and what is important to me.
This is what  I am trying to do to get better and maybe it can help you or a family member as well.

Alone time is very very important. Time to meditate,  relax is so important when you are stressed.

Time to do the things you really love doing.
Reading,  painting,  write, create things and gardening,  play with the animals,  listen to. music and meet friends.

Let the brain relax a bit by watching movies,  TEDx talks,  documentaries.

Clean the apartment.  Nothing drags down your energy as much as messy,  overstuffed and dirty home.

Sleep,  it is so important when you are burned out that you get your sleep and a good quality  sleep.

EFT,  binaural  beats and meditations are a life saver for when you feel stressed.  Try it,  you have so many resources  on YouTube.

Turn off the phone and chat programs.  We don’t have to be available  24/7. If you dare to turn off once in a while you will see that the world will not fall apart and people will be able to do things for themselves.

Vitamins,  antioxidants and high quality food,  coconut oil,  fish oils  are very beneficial  when we are stressed.

The touch of another person can do wonders for a person. If it is a massage it is great,  if you fool around with your partner it is even better because it will relax you both.  Why not attend a massage course  together so you can pamper each other ?

Take a day off,  it is ok to be lazy once in a while,  go on you have my permission. If necessary call in sick (l don’t recommend that you do this to a regular habit) For me it is happening perhaps once every  second year.  Stay home,  in your pyjamas,  pamper your soul and love yourself.

Go down to the sea and stick your feet in the sand.  Walk barefoot in the grass,  go for a hike and enjoy the fresh air. Do something that brings you out in the nature.

Remember,  do things that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.  That is the best way to get energized.

This is enough of Tinha wisdoms  today.  Go on, go out and hug a person.