Baby booming day!

Today I woke up and said that it would be a wonderful day, there was magic in the air and guess what?!  My niece and her wife gave birth to their baby boy Tristan and he is absolutely gorgeous!


Meet Tristan The Wonderful

My colleague at work became a father as well so it was a total baby day today!


Plus,  finally the long wait for closing my grandmother’s account is now finally over! We recieved an excellent service from the bank even though I am in Turkey and the bank is in Sweden.  How does it get any better than this?! 

I am listening to Grant Cardone and Brian Tracy in the mornings and thanks to that I now feel inspired to start up my webshop again and continue to sell the beautiful magnetic jewelry from Energetix Bingen. And another friend wants us to go into business together and it seems like a really good idea and a customer at work will email me her company information that also seem like an lucrative business. It is just coming at me from everywhere. 🙂

I have asked the universe and Golden Sunrise 🌅  for help with an increased income and now I will recieve it in any way I can.

Another thing is that I have promised myself that I will read for 2 hours a day (at work) one business/sales book and one self help book and I will train for 2 hours a day. 

Another things is that I will declutter because rich and prosperous people dont live with clutter. I think I will follow the KonMari method, it seems to work.

I feel inspired, now I need to set things into motion. What are you doing to change your current situation?

Please share and let us inspie each other!

Zoot zoot!


Several months later…

Hello earthlings, I hope you are all doing well.  I am still in Marmaris, Turkey. It has been a rough time with the loss of my grandmother who was like my mother, trouble and conflicts at work,  machines breaking down and the financial chaos after that etc. so I have basically been busy with trying to get my head straight again. Ibhave so many things to tell you guys. 🙂

Some good news are that I have started to exercise and I have released more than half the weight I wanted to release and it was so easy! I wake up at 6 am every morning to go for a walk along the beach. It heals my soul and heart to go there in peace and quiet and do Ho’oponopono while enjoying the sun.

I also treated me to a new phone (2nd hand) to reward myelf for my efforts. Im writing this from it! 🙂 💖

I am more determined than ever to make my way over to the states, 6 years here in Turkey is enough.  I feel that I cant grow as a person as long as I stay here. And there are so many options in America for personal development.

I will leave you with the three things I am really grateful for

1. The Sun! I love her,  she greets me and charge me every morning and I feel so energized. Thank you my dear Sun.

2. My tribe,  I love my online and offline friends,  they help me grow and discover things. I love you guys!

3. Notes from The Universe. I love these ınspirational and uplifting notes that shows up in my inbox. If you haven’t signed up for them yet, then do it ASAP!

Stay safe and happy folks!
Zoom zoom!