Power mornings

Hello folks,  I hope you are all doing well  I am back in Marmaris and if you have ben following the news you know it has been a bit chaotic here bit we are OK now. Thank you to all of you who reached out to see how I was doing. 

The season is not going so well and it was rough. My colleagues are grumpy and my boss as well since the business is down. It started to get to me and I felt the depression make it’s way back but I managed to stop it and increase my sales! How awesome am I?:mrgreen:

So how I do it? Well I think it has a lot to do with my power mornings.  I start my day by walking along the beach,  it warms up my muscles and it cleanses my mind. I also listen to different mentors as I walk, people like Tony Robbins,  Dain Heer,  Wayne Dyer,  Helga Rhodes, Jim Rohn etc. It really lifts my mood up. 

I smile and say good morning to people,  I feel like I’m sharing the love and people were grumpy at first now they smile and says good morning first.

But the most important thing I think is that I am feeding and watering the street cats,  we have a ton of them here. The secret to living is giving. I feel that it made a huge difference in my life when I started to do that. 

So what are YOU doing to have a better start of your day?  Share in the comments below. 

Stay wonderful, 



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