February is here and it is time for another challenge!

images (1)Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing great! Let me tell you that I am on a roll over here. 🙂 I am going through a prosperity course and today I was listening to Carole Doré’s Visualization – The Power of Your Heart! You can find it here. Let me tell you that it is AWESOME!! I was so exited about the visualizations and the techniques she is teaching, they are just great! I will write more about these things but today I want to write about complaints.

She talked about the power we put into things and how it gets reinforced and multiplies every time we say:
Oh my God you don’t know what an idiot my ex is!!
Seriously did you see how that jerk just cut in front of me?!
Oh WHY is this happening to me??!! AGAIN??
Oh my boyfriend is such a dick, let me tell you……….

See where I am going with this? How many times a day do we not complain to our girlfriends, colleagues, family etc? We need to stop it right now because we are only attracting more crap by doing so! And I sure don’t want that anymore so I am releasing it just like I would do with a moldy fruit. It is going out of my mind, out of my life and out of my home. I am totally done with it!

So I have decided to make a challenge for myself and from today do my best to become complaint free and find different ways to deal with it and NOT repeat the bad things that happens to my friends because that is just like reliving it and giving it more energy to make my life miserable. No, no, no not anymore 🙂

So from now on I will only write positive statuses on FB, not say that I am broke, and as soon as I complain I will list 10 things I am grateful about. When people around me complain I will not participate in that conversation and lead it into something else because listening to someone complain is just as contagious as the flu!

I strongly believe that I will see some positive effects of this in my life!  I am so excited that I can’t wait, magical things will happen! 🙂

So that is my challenge for the next 21 days since that is what it takes to break a behavior.
So who is with me, raise a hand! 🙂

PS I finished my vision board and I am so pleased with it! 1544374_10151928921129562_192733962_n



Being the bigger person and changing someones behavior.

First of all I would like to say that it is so fun that so many of you started to follow my blog and that you liked the posts from yesterday. Thank you, it means a lot to me.

Today a lot of people started their season at work and one of them is one person who created so much problems at work last year by gossiping and being negative. She really sucks you dry and last year I put her straight and broke the contact totally with her. 
But now one of my friends at work is being followed by this woman and she asked me to please come and sit at their table because she can not handle being alone with this person.  In the beginning I thought: hell no!! But then I decided that if I can step into an dog cage with a very aggressive Rottweiler and change it’s behavior with my dog training technique then I can apply the same technique to this person as well.  So I decided to do what I do best, be the bigger person, be professional and civil and go into my pack leader state of mind. I will ignore all gossip and bad behavior and as soon as the complaints and gossips begins either go away or make sure that the subject changes. I will not reward her bad behavior with even a look. I will not participate in non positive conversations what so ever! I will not talk about the things I don’t want or like. Instead I will focus on and praise all the positive things she does and I will make sure that I only talk about and focus on all the things I do want in my life and makes me smile. 

This is my formula for a good season this year and I am determined to feel excellent!

I will take some time at work to, meditate, read, contemplate, do some Ho’oponopono and laugh. I spend so many hours there so I might as well use the time wisely, don’t you think? 🙂

And I can tell you that I can feel how my change in me is starting to pay off. The season has just started and we barely have any customers but I seem to be able to connect with the customers no one else managed to get through to and I am already leading in the sales and for me that means a lot because I am not a great seller but I am determined to make my customers feel good and happy. I don’t sell jewelry, I sell happiness!

Today one man came in and he had the most cozy energy you can imagine. His wife was a bit stressed and angry with her husband but he was so cool and you could tell he really was enjoying life and he enjoyed the connection we made. It turned out he stayed many years in Brazil and Paraguay so immediately we got connected with each other. We tuned in on the same frequency and the tingles I got when we walked around in the shop was just fantastic and I am getting them now as well as I write this. They didn’t buy the ring today and that is totally ok because both him and his wife left the shop happy and they felt like that they received the best service ever. And to be honest, I am sure they will come back, if nothing else just to have a cup of tea with me.  And I look forward to that. 

Now I will continue to do this cleansing Qi gong, Make some healthy juice for tomorrow morning, maybe paint a little bit and then I will continue to read The power. Life is good, I am grateful for everything I have and I feel like I have everything under control.

Take care you guys and be safe!