A little bit of this and a little bit of that..

Man have I been busy as a bee today…
First day in a while where I could do exactly what I wanted and I did something I have been procrastinated for 5 months!?! I cleaned my bedroom thoroughly and threw away a lot of tings and made it neat… It took me half a day and I used the Pomodoro Technique which is awesome. I still have to go through all of my closets and separate myself from more of my beloved clothes.. But I am getting there. And I am trying to tell myself that I am creating space for my new clothes. Anyway it will be very interesting now to see what will happen since I stirred around the stale energy. According to Feng Shui things happens when you start to declutter. Who knows maybe the man of my dreams will show up? 🙂 Maybe I will get some more money or better energy and sleep? I will keep you posted about this.

Anyway so lately I have been busy trying to stay positive and watching Zero limits, Maui seminar with Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len. Vitale is good but Dr Hew Len is the best. And now when I have finished with that I will start reading more about Pomodoro Technique. It is when you set your kitchen timer and focus on a task for 25 minutes. And let me tell you it works! My bedroom now looks like a bedroom again!! I will read it and then give you the link and a brief explanation.

I might have manifested a fridge as well!! My fridge is totally screwed up. It doesn’t freeze where it should but it freeze down in the cooler area… Weird so I really need a new one and one friend knows one guy who has a smoke damaged fridge that works and is mine for free. :))) How lucky am I? Im learning to manifest faster and faster. I am SO grateful for that! Now I just want some unexpected money as well so I can buy an electric scooter like the one below. It would make my life so much easier in the summer. Skirts and bicycles is not a good combination.. So lets hope I can find 400 Euro and then I can buy it.
I already have a name picked out for it… Norpan :))


Dr Hew Len and the story that made Ho’Oponopono famous

Dr Hew Len and the story that made Ho’Oponopono famous

Dr Hew Len
From 1984 to 1987 Dr. Hew Len worked as a psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital in the psychiatric ward where heavily disturbed, criminal patients were living (serious crimes committed by psychopaths, schizophrenics, psychotics, …). When Dr. Hew Len began working there, the atmosphere was anything but pleasant. The patients were very aggressive (daily attacks between patients). Most patients were therefore put in seclusion. Many others were shackled. Absenteeism and staff turnover was immens; the ward was chronically understaffed. Staff walked through the halls with their backs against the walls, affraid of being attacked. The plants wouldn’t stay alive and the buildings were in decay (paint peeling off, the pipes were clogged and regularly the plumbing or heating wasn’t working properly). The patients were so intractable that no activity could be offered. The relatives of the patients were almost never coming to visit them. In short: it was a place of hell on earth.
Dr Hew Len worked half time at the department. Unlike his predecessors he did not participate in multi-disciplinary consultation, he didn’t see patients in his office, he took no part in meetings. Most of the time he sat alone at his desk and read through the files of the patients. The rest of his time, he ambled around the ward, felt at ease, joked a little, talked to people in his own and easygoing way and enjoyed his time there. And all that time he practiced the ancient Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono in the back of his head.
Gradually the atmosphere in the department started to improve. There was more lightness, more joy, more peace, …
Just a few months after his arrival at the department everything changed dramaticaly: no more shackles, nor more seclusion and people were allowed to leave to go to work or attend outdoor activities.The absenteeism of the staff decreased gradually and the even became overstaffed … Several employees became interested in wath Dr Hew Len was doing and joined him.
The following months and years the building was refreshed, activities were organized for the patients (first indoors, later outdoors too), more and more families came to visit and patients took an active part in their process of reintegration into society.
When Dr. Hew Len in 1987 left the department, the department was closed due to few patients. All patients had left the department. Most appeared to be cured and retook their place in society. A few of them were referred to another department because they were not yet ready to be released. There was even at least one patient who has chosen to take full responsibility for his crime. He chose to no longer hide behind psychiatric diagnoses, but to admit guilt and express sincere regret to his victims.

Source: http://jugo.be/hooponopono/?p=39&lang=en