Wealth idea #1

I accidentally fell asleep on the sofa after work with the cats, so now I am sitting here in the dark, wide awake and of course my head is full of thoughts. Do you ever think about how nice it would be to have loads and loads of money? I do, all the time, it is my favorite daydream. I always think about how nice it would be to have $100.000.000.
Oh, come on, it is just as hard to manifest $100.000 so why not just go for it? 😉

But do you take the thinking a step further? How would it feel? I think it would be totally awesome and so liberating! I would feel like a monkey who just discovered a jungle full of banana trees with ripe bananas!  But it is important to think about the following questions, why do you want to be wealthy? What would you do if you were really wealthy? How would you spend your days? What would you do with your money? Would you be working? How would you invest it? I spend so much time thinking about my wealth and these kind of questions.

I can drive people nuts sometimes with all of my thoughts and ideas. Yesterday I had another wealth idea. You see, one of my goals is to move to South California, in the San Diego area. Another goal is to help people and make a difference. I would love to combine them so I came up with an idea.

You see, since I am wealthy, I am living in a nice house with a large garden. A large garden that needs some attention so I have to hire a gardener.
There is also a ton of good, homeless people, many veterans, who ended up on the street for other reasons than addiction, all they need to get back on their feet is a break. What if I could be that break they need? So I started thinking that I could work with one of the shelters and hire one of them. Since I live in a nice big house, I also have a garage with an apartment above it. That means that I can provide one person with work, salary and housing. That’s one person off the street!

Together me and gardener Joe will learn how to do gardening, perhaps I will send him to a gardening course or similar. I don’t have all the details yet so bear with me. When gardener Joe is educated enough and my neighbors sees how good he is with my garden and how reliable he is, he will get more assignment and perhaps I can start a small business with him as a partner and we will set him up in his own apartment. That’s when we bring in the next person who moves into the apartment above the garage and the first man will teach the second one and suddenly they are two, and then we continue like this. The more I think about it, the more I realize that there are so many areas I could apply this to. I can even buy an apartment complex where they will live to a low cost and have themselves doing the maintenance. Perhaps it is dream thinking but I don’t see why I couldn’t make this a reality? Sure I am not familiar with all the laws and regulations in the US but it should be possible and if it isn’t, well then I guess I need to make it possible. 🙂 Now when I think about it, this could become a really big thing. I mean, what if a company would focus on hiring just homeless people? That would be generating some real Karma points, believe you me!

Providing homes and work for real people, giving them decent salaries and setting them up with insurance policies and teach them financial thinking so they never end up in the same situation again. Teach them how to fish, and they will never go hungry again. And another thing, I would be helping their kids as well because they would be teaching their kids how to handle money and take precautions, so they never end up in the same situation as well. School and education is awesome but it won’t teach you that kind of skills.

Helping them to help themselves, that is one of my goals. I mean just thinking about it and writing it down makes me feel really good and it rises my vibration, then imagine how it would feel to make it reality!  In the meantime, maybe one of you who are reading about this idea, can adapt it and apply it to help one or two persons. That would be totally awesome! 😀

Please feel free to share your ideas, on how we can help different people in need, in the comments below.

Keep moving towards your goals!



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A vampire in Turkey..

Am I vampire? I wish! I could be considering I love being awake at night. Since I was a child I always wanted to sleep in the day and be awake in the night. I had terrible nightmares as a child and I saw a lot of things that was quite scary for a child so it can be because of that. Today 37 years later I still like being awake at night. This is MY time. There are no screaming kids or mothers. No vacuum cleaners, no texts, no visitors, no cars, no noisy lady friend to my neighbor. When my dog Bacchis was alive we used to walk around in our area at nighttime just me and him and I miss that a lot. If I had a dog here we would walk down to the beach in the evening or sit on my balcony and watch the stars. But now there is only me and my music and that is quite nice as well. I can be alone, I can recharge and study things that interests me. Right now I am interested in how to develop and control the gifts I was given and how to contact my higher self, my spirit guides and my guarding angels. They used to visit me a lot when I was younger, depressed and lost in life. They normally visit me when I am sleeping so I don’t have much control over it. I had one of those visits the night between Friday and Saturday and it reminded me how much I appreciate it and miss it and I would like it to happen more often. So that’s what I am doing at the moment, trying to get myself into that state.
If you have any tips and ideas as usual please feel free to share. 🙂

When do you recharge and have YOUR time?
And do you have any special gifts?

Why not?

“I can not change my job.”
“Oh it is impossible to win the lottery ”
“I can not just pack up and move to Spain/Maldives”
“I can not go back to school”
“I can not start my own company”
“I am not good enough to write a book”
“Oh he/she would never be interested in me”
” You can not just wish for 10.000.000 Euro!”
It is a never ending list…

Does anything in the list above sound familiar?  Everyday we are being told by others or ourselves that we can not do this or that and that things are impossible.
Well I just have one thing to say. Why the hell not? (my blog, my language)
Why not try to see some possibilities where others see problems. If you want something go after it. Don’t think people took my move to Turkey easily. I lost many friends but I gained a lot of new one and the ones that matters are still there.
This is YOUR life and YOUR choice and life becomes just like YOU create it. Maybe it will be hard and maybe it will make people raise their eyebrows and maybe you will be scared when you go up to that guy/girl and ask if he/she would like to go out in a coffee with you. But so what? You are going after what makes you happy and living your life to the fullest. If you are happy jumping out of a plain in a fly suit, do it! If you love someone tell them! If you believe that you will win the lottery then don’t listen to anyone telling you different. And you my friend are a wonderful person and you deserve everything good the world has to offer you. You just have to understand it yourself. 🙂

Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.
~ Paulo Coelho