F.L.Y Baby, F.L.Y!

ImageHello you wonderful people! I had a pretty good day today with some small surprises.. 
Instead of Tissot repairing my watch I got a brand new one! And the cable to my TENS machine finally arrived to the store and the guy gave it to me for free.. Gotta love those moments!! ūüôā
A few not so nice things happened as well but lets not get into all of that except for one thing that is actually the cause for todays blog post.

People who craves confirmation all the time and put on their victim cardigan.. Drama queens and kings. Can’t stand them what so ever. ¬†I mean I can be angry and complain but I hate being in that mode and I try to snap out of it ASAP! ¬†Who wants to be in Nega-land? Not me! But there are people who really suck every negative emotion they can find, they live and thrive on it and they complain about themselves and their bodys etc so they will get confirmation from us. Don’t play that game because it will drain you. Hand them a life vest but don’t hang around because they will drag you down¬†with them. No matter what you say they will think that you are out to get them. You will end up censoring your words and thoughts and that is no way of living. Do yourself a favor and get out, NOW.¬†

Ok I know it sounds hard but you can not help someone else to love themselves, you can not be their postivity tow truck! Sure once in a while we all need encouragement but if it is several times a week and for the same stuff then you can rest assure that there are some red warning lights blinking wild right now. You can give them the tools to self help or the number to a good psychiatrist who is an expert in dealing with these things. You can be their friends but when they start don’t play along with the game. Ypu have my permission to give them a bit of tough love, that is the only thing that will help both them and you. You can read a few books about energy vampires, there are some really good and practical tips in those books in how to deal with people like this.¬†

I used to feel sorry for myself, I used to blame people for the situations I was in. That was until I became an full blown egoist. Yes I am an egoist, I love me. I am the most important person in my world. I F.L.Y wich means First Love Yourself.
I am not perfect, I am not even close to being slim and I have not yet made a fortune or made myself a good carreer. Heck, I don’t even have a partner or kids. ¬†But I have ME and I am pretty aweseome!! Who would manage to deal with pain 24/7, work 10 hours per day (in a place that could be a mental asylym) and still smile and try to educate herself and who moved to a totally different country to try to improve her health and is ready to do it again? And that is just the top of the iceberg. Let me put it this way,¬†I rock!¬†

I love my body even though it is not perfect, but it shows up everyday and gives me it’s best and it takes me wherever I need to go. Isn’t that awesome!? I love this body who has been abused, beaten, cursed at, mistreated, cut in etc. It is just wonderful and I am so greatful for it! And my brain is absolutely amazing when it comes to thinking fast and dealing with all the things I have been through. Wow!! ¬†I have a fantastic heart that has been torn to pieces more than I can count and it is still filled with love especially for kids and animals. I make both myself and my friends laugh and I try to look at things from the bright side and be positive. I am a beliver and doer, so what is there not to love?? I love ME!

The thing is that all of this applies to all of you as well, because we are all awesome in our unique kind of way. Never forget that!

Even though I am postive and loving I am not Mother Theresa. I started talking with this guy online who¬†seemed like a guy who had his act together and was self confident. I was wrong.. He ended up complaining to me after a¬†conflict with his abusive boss.. Who accused him to be a drama queen. I tried to encourage him and give some pretty neutral support.. But the it was his body issues, he was fat, ugly, no one likes him and he met all the wrong people bla bla bla and it didnt matter how many times I told him I liked him exactly like he was he always said: Yeah? I soon realized that he was hypersensitive and when he wanted me to train to be sexy, I told him my point of view in a calm way, he then got very upset and put on the ugly victim cardigan. He thought and felt like I attacked him when he was being kind and supportive. His feeling is really true for him but he is so absorbed by that so he doesnt realize that he totally misunderstood the whole thing and then he spends the time being grumpy about that instead of enjoying the positive emotions from me. This guy doesn’t love himself and sorry to say, I will not either because of his lack of self love. It is not sexy at all.¬†
He is hooked on that feeling of being a victim, it is his reward. Yes I did use my dogtraining skills to determine the problem, don’t diss it because it is so accurate that it is scary. I can break his behavior and retrain him but the question is, do I want to? I doubt it, I dont want to chage anyone. There are more men in the world so he has to be pretty special to keep my attention..¬†

Maybe you are one of those people who has one of those ugly victim cardigans in your closet. If so, throw it out! Just do it! I promise you will feel better. Do you want to live your life like this, feeling unfairly treated and stay a victim blaming everyone or do you want to feel good? The choice is totally yours sweetie. So what if you have fat thighs or a beer tummy or you has a shitty boss? So what? Are you gonna let that hold you back for the rest of your life. Your mama didn’t give birth to you so you could be victim for the rest of your life. And the best part is that it is never too late to change your future. If you need help, join a forum, contact a psychiastrist, a life coach, read self improvment books. Louise Hay has written a few really good ones. Do something!

Let the rest of the world love you by loving yourself first!
Come on, here take this beautiful wing suit and F.L.Y Baby F.L.Y!! You are awesome and you can do it!