The President of the teachers union…

Hola my friends,

Today will be another customer conversation. I just sold a bracelet for 8500 Euros to the former president of the Teachers union in Sweden.. We were 4 people in the room besides the clients and when the deal was over he turned around and told me, “You are really, really good as a sales person. I have had some hard negotiations in my life, with very important people, concerning large sums of money, but I really like the way you talked and convinced me”.

To explain the situation, most of our customers does not come by themselves to our store. They are reluctant customers and most of them has already decided to not purchase anything when they enter the shop. So we are really working with turning a no into a maybe and then from maybe to a yes by finding the perfect piece of jewelry to each customer and then make them an offer they cannot resist. This is something that is really hard to do, especially with Scandinavian people, they have a totally different mentality.

I cannot discuss the prices but I do everything else but discuss the price, I find out what they like, how much they would like to spend, IF they would like to spend money etc. It is a really hard job since people don’t trust you at all. But somehow my conversation skills, my own life experiences, charm and a tiny bit of manipulation seems to do the trick so that they trust me and then when my boss lowers the price a bit, they buy.

But the satisfaction I get when the female client is happy and her husband feels that he has done a good deal and then turns around to give me credit feels like receiving an A+ on a hard test! Since I knew that he had some experience, I of course asked him afterwards, if there was anything he could recommend me to do, to improve my lectures and he said, “Don’t change a thing! It is perfect and I know these kind of things because I have been working with this for years” he said.

Soon I am ready to graduate from the Real School of Sales and Public Speaking!
How does it get any better than this? 😀

I know I brag a lot but hey, I am my biggest fan and I need to support my team right?!

Shining bright like a diamond!


Energies and babies…

Hi you guys, I hope you are all doing well.
I am doing very well, I can tell that I am on the right path here. Yesterday there was a little baby that came to work and he was so full of energy and playing with everyone but when he came to me we just sat down and cuddled. We tuned in… It is such an amazing feeling and the funny part was I have never met him before. His mother just looked at us and she said, I think he likes your energy.. I smiled and I said yes and I really like his. For me this is love. Pure and true love for another new human being. No words necessary we are just tuned in  together.

Today there was quite some negative energy at work, we had a lot of groups but it is a competition among sellers, we all want to make “Sifta” it means have the first sell of the day.
And there was someone who was sending me the evil eye all day but I sticked to my plan and ignored it but I could feel that my energy was going. I escaped from the snake pit up to the silver section and *bam* I sold one bracelet and necklace just like that. 🙂 It gave me some new energy and I felt relaxed in my mind. There came another group and I had to go down to the gold section again and the energy was even a bit worse this time.
I had a customer that was hesitating and I felt my energy was slipping but then a superhero in the shape of a really tiny sleeping baby appeared and I just looked at him/her, felt the tingles and I smiled and in the same moment the customers said yes and I made the biggest sale of the day. Coincidence? I think not.
Later on a little fellow, he can be 3 or so also connected with me and just took my hand and went with me so I know for sure I have a good energy at the moment. And I am loving it!
I am Tinha, the kid and animal whisperer!! LOL

I am so grateful for this extra help and good feeling. It is just a WOW feeling. I am still getting the tingles while I am writing and I think this is just awesome.
Do you guys also feel the tingles?

Oh I almost forgot.. I have to brag a little.. I have been re-blogged! First time ever! And I am so proud, it is so fun that you guys are giving me your support, it means a lot to me. Thank you very much!

Yesterday night I did Carol Tuttles chakra test and it appears that all my chakras are closed or weak so I need to find a way to work with my chakras because as I understand it can affect you very much and your affirmations, it seems interesting enough to be looked into, I will keep you posted on how that goes.
Until then, stay safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (=

Zoom Zoom!


We all have a choice…

Today the sun showed it self in beautiful Marmaris and I am starting to get color on my face 🙂
I love the sun, it gives me an energy boost you wont believe. 
Today at work we got a visit from some new reps from a Scandinavian company we are working together with. One of them was a Turkish woman who was born in Sweden, a lovely person and she has sales experience, and took some courses in it and she used to work in gold shops in Sweden, so I immediately thought hey, that’s cool, maybe she can give me a few lessons and then we will both make money and she really liked the idea. My colleagues thought, let’s tease Tinha and tell her that she will be working in the Gold Center next year. My response was, hey cool! They didn’t like that.. But I think like this, I have a choice, I can either be greedy, afraid to share, be jealous and not very successful.
If she starts she starts, and that is ok. The better sales personnel, the better it is for the company and the better it is for me. I KNOW my customers will find me as long as I make sure that I am on the right track and on the right frequency. I even have customers waiting for me when I am dealing with another customer and if you have ever been in Turkey you know that it is not how it works over here. I have a good energy that customers like and they can feel that I don’t panic and that is why I am so unique in my shop. The other ones choose to panic and be competitive.
I know that I am not a top seller and I know that if I bring in a better seller we might get a good sale even if it means we have to split the winning. But that is still better than nothing and that is the amount the jealous and competitive people make. They rather loose the customer than share the profit. They can’t think outside the box. 
We all have a choice, what do you choose?

Be safe!