Loving the people who criticizes you.

Hello all of you beautiful people and the rest of you too! 😀

I learn something new everyday and yesterday I learned 3 things.

  1. Being lazy will come back and bite you in your ass.
  2. Don’t just take someones word for things, always look things up!
  3. Love the people who calls you out on your bullshit and criticizes you.. This is a really tough one but very important.

I have to admit that sometimes I am way to lazy for my own good. You see, I have been in the gold business for a few years now and I wasn’t really interested in the gold when I started, gold is gold, it is a metal, and I don’t need to be an expert to sell it. I mean it is not like selling a computer where I have to know every component and be able to explain what it does.

So I didn’t read up on it, sure I read a little bit but basically I just listened to the guy, one of my sales managers who gave me the basic introduction when I started, he is also the one who gives the information to the UK people that visits our store. I mean he has been doing this for years and he knows what he is talking about, right?

Man, was I wrong..
It turns out that he does not know what he is talking about and he doesn’t have his facts straight and that means that I don’t have my facts straight. How did I learn about this? Let me tell ya, yesterday in the middle of my presentation to one of our groups a man called me out on it, in the middle of the lecture, in front of everyone. Guess three times how embarrassing that was on a scale from 1-10.. I would say around 297!!!! And whose fault was it?? MINE!! No matter how much I want to blame the guy who taught me, I can’t! I didn’t cross check the information I got from him because I was lazy and quite frankly I didn’t give a damn. The result, it made me look unprofessional and that is the one thing I can’t stand. So I am truly grateful for this man, who pointed out my mistakes. He taught me to always check my facts and not just take someones word for it. Thank you Sir and thank you Universe who sent him to give me this lesson.

You see the people who comes into our lives and points out our mistakes are mentors.
Because of this man I will now better myself, my lectures and never make the same mistake again. For this I am grateful.

How does it get any better than this?



7 Days Of Gratitude – Day 7

I am so grateful that I am feeling so much better today.
I am grateful that I have a dry home.
I am grateful that the cats are sleeping and relaxing.
I am glad that I am alive.
I am grateful for my body, mind and soul.
I am grateful for all the new followers and likes I have gotten for these posts. Love you guys and bless you! 🙂
I am grateful for Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks.
I am grateful for my dear friend Marina, she is awesome!! 
I am grateful that I have a printer.
I am grateful that I am not on any medications today. 🙂
I am grateful that I have come up with some alternatives for my meds! 
I am grateful that I have a tablet and the kindle app. 
I am grateful that I have an amazing man in my life.
I am grateful that I finally have peace in my mind.
I am grateful that people like and appreciate my paintings.
I am grateful that I live in a hot country.
I am grateful that it doesn’t snow here.
I am grateful that the lightning didn’t struck here last night.
I am grateful that the little puppy is doing great in dog pound and is not Cujo II anymore!!
I am grateful for all the nice people I come across in my life.
I am grateful for everything my grandparents taught me.
I am grateful that I got to know Peter.
I am grateful that my niece is feeling a bit better.
I am grateful that it is day 7 lol

So this was the last day and I really want to thank you guys who have liked and started to follow my blog. It was really hard to find things to write down but it is very good to do and I feel better! 🙂 I am gonna try to do it every day for myself and weekly on the blog.
Stay safe!


Defining my goals.

Today I was talking with a colleague and friend of mine and I realized one thing… The reasons to why my manifestations doesn’t work as I want them to is because I am not clear with what I want and I want way to much at the same time. Or shall I say, I don’t really know what I want so how can the universe know what I want?
Duh!! *hits myself on the head with a rolled up magazine*

So what do I want?
I want to become certified and professional in the following areas:
Life Coaching
Qi gong
Chakra clearing and healing
Stress consulting
Calming signals for dogs

I want to go to Seminars/courses with:
Dr Wayne Dyer
Danielle LaPorte
Brad Yates
Anthony Robbins
Dr Hew Len
Turid Rugaas

I want to work as a:
Life coach/ feel good consultant and Dog trainer

How do I want to work?
From home and have clients all over the world.

Where do I want to live?
Hmmm… I don’t see myself having one home but several… So, Bali, Brazil, Maldives, Istanbul, Marmaris, Florida, Sweden. I guess I need to work on  this part. 🙂

What do I need to make this reality?
Money, lot’s of money and education.

Is this really what I want?

Can I do it?
Hell yeah you bet!!! I got this!  😉

What can I do right now?
Take part of all the free materials online, learn as much as possible and save money.

I guess I need to work some more on this but I just wanted to write down what came into my mind to make it clear for myself and then have a base to work from. I am life coaching myself lol!
What are your goals?

Time to meditate and then catch my beauty sleep so take care and stay safe!